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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jamieccfc, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Hello basically today is the first time I contacted the royal navy applying my intrest , they have put me forward to meet them and get more information on everything on monday 16th july.

    I've read through a few things and researched online , alott of things I've read are very much different

    I'd like to know if you could jhelp me on the recruitment produre.

    Of course after my meeting monday I can apply , there after am I booked automatically atitude test, how long on average will it take for me to sit that? There after if successful what happens from there , I read somewere I have fitness tests then on oTher sites I've read you do the swim test and 1.5m run during training?

    Also what does the swimming test consist of , am I right in saying , jump in from such a height , 50m swim then tread water for 3 mins in overalls? Is there any more to it?
    Also apperance in the presentation and aptitude test what do most wear would you advise smart casual or shirt , does aparence go along way this early ?

    Thanks for any information in advance :)
  2. Are you welsh? Is English your second language? Just asking in case you need a translator.
    I almost need one to read your post. Best wishes and good luck in all of your applyings.
  3. http://www.navy-net.co.uk/joining-up-royal-navy-recruiting/45927-frequently-asked-questions-faq-links-answers.html

    Have a flick through the threads listed above. If you have any further questions following on from the already thorough list above then think about starting a new thread- then don't, because it is all in there somewhere.

    If you still don't find the answer then think again about asking a specific question- then still don't ask it because it takes time away from looking again for all the answers which are definitely in here.

    *smiles* (just to stop getting in trouble with the fun police).
  4. Thank you ! And yes I am welsh so why would my english be up to scratch :)

  5. Because you is welsh.
  6. Spot on forgein languages can be tricky to learn.
  7. Hello and welcome to RR.
    After 3 weeks of my first visit I sat my RT test.
    2 weeks after my RT test I did my eye test.
    3 weeks after my eye test I did my medical.
    2 weeks after my medical I did my PJFT(2.4km run)
    Then I had my final interview and had to fill in my security clearance what took about 4 months to clear.
    About 6 months after my final interview I had my PRNC what lasts for 4 days where I had to do my run and swim test and a look into what basic training and life in the RN will be like.
    (Remember this timing is just for me every one has it different)

    As for the swim test jump in the deep end tread water for 2 mins swim 50m within 4 mins then climb out the deep end and jump off the diving board and you must do all of this in overalls.

    Yes I would go smart casual to you presentation and RT test just to set a good first impression.

    Hope this helps you.
  8. Thank you very much for the reply much appreciated cleared a lot of things up :)
  9. Think the mine warfare branch maybe your calling!!
  10. I'm still pondering over "smart casual or shirt".

    Probably old fashioned, but I wouldn't have thought that bare-chested, a vest or even your very favourite Sex Pistols (yes, I am old-fashioned I suppose) t-shirt would go down that well with your best suit.
  11. Of course it's just you being old fashioned.
    Though I'm more concerned that the only item of clothing he's going to wear is the shirt... Sod the lower garments, they're for lesser men with smaller cojones.
  12. Well observed. I was so distracted by sartorial upper body issues that I failed to notice the potential for, err, cock exposure.

    My bad.
  13. It happens to the best of us.

    I hope this doesn't start an epidemic of lower body sartorial misdemeanours in AFCO's around the country.
  14. Oh, I dunno...
  15. Unless they look like this...


  16. No comment my friend
  17. Apart from that one.
  18. When going for the RT , do you take the test locally or are there set test centres?
  19. Yes they have one at every ... Early Learning Centre !!!!
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2012
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  20. You'll take the RT at the AFCO you are applying through.

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