Few questions about kit list and Raleigh.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ElectroDreams, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Just wanting to know is it worth me putting my initials on the kit list I have, i.e my clothes brushes and water bottle and iron and so on. it also states I need a soap dish and soap but I wash with a face wash in a tube so would this pose a problem?

    Sorry if it seems a mundane question but I leave in a few days and just trying to get everything right.

    I also want to take my Ipod for the 6 hr train journey will they have a problem with this when I arrive at Raleigh? obviously I wouldn't use it again until we brake up for summer leave and I have yet another long journey home.

    This leads me onto my next question of will travel warrants be issued for return journeys during summer leave?

  2. When you get to Raleigh you all get told were to put your surname along with your service number on every bit of kit.

    Nope, I did the same thing when I was there they never checked about soap or soap dish, aslong as you have something to wash with you will be fine.

    I took mine with me and just kept it in my bag in the baggage store ready too use when I was travelling home, I can't see there being a problem with you taken it just don't walk around with the headphones in and you will be fine.

    Yes, you will get issued train tickets if you choose to get them they will be taken out off your get you home early years balance.

    Hope this helps

  3. Brilliant thank you.

    Whats get you home early years balance? is there a set budget for travel warrants that each personal use?
  4. Unlucky for the people traveling from Scotland then, I'll be coming from Manchester myself and even that is far enough (and costly)

    On a totally unrelated matter, say if someone gave up there property and came to Raleigh but was then sent home for a leave period but didn't have a place to stay what would they do?
  5. Crumbs that could of potentially been myself, I have a small family consisting of two sisters who have kids and limited room but one of them has managed to squeeze me in for the 4 weeks.
  6. It doesn't really matter where you travel from, it's not a financial budget as such - you get four rail warrants or mileage claims a year during your first three years, so it doesn't matter if you live in Exeter or Fort William, you still have the same allowance.

    If you have nowhere to go during leave you could take 'lower deck leave' and stay at Raleigh, but that would be pretty dull to say the least.
  7. I see, well thank-you for the information guys.
  8. Sorry just one more question.

    During training I believe there are tests for Maths & English? are these similar to the tests we were asked to carry out on the RNAC course because i scored rather badly on both subjects (been a while since my school days) if I was to fail on these would I be put on remedials and if so would it be teacher support or just me having to learn for myself say off the Internet or studying books ect.
  9. I believe that there is time set aside for key-skills training - but hopefully someone else can give you more detail on that.
  10. You do a little maths and English test at Raleigh I believe to see what standard you are at, then when you go onto your Phase 2 establishment, be it Raleigh, Collingwood or wherever you do 2 weeks key skills in Maths, English and IT to level 2 standard.
  11. Now I am already trained at level 2 in Maths and English so would this mean simply re-doing them (if I was to fall below the standard) or working to level 3?

    Anyway not to worry I'm sure I will be advised once I am there.
  12. If you already have maths and english at GCSE C then you don't have to do them.
  13. If you have GCSE's in those subjects or similar then you wont have to do the course, however GCSE's need to be in date, i think within 3years, not fully sure on that one.

    For you ED if you have Keyskills in maths and English you wont need to do those but still do part the course to get the IT one.
  14. What about A levels in the previous year? e in maths and d in physics.. i had some troubles and have ict lv 3 city and guilds. ??

    also can you take a laptop ? like for music and to send emails and if there's lots of dvds on there for everyone to watch listen to and maybe put everyone's music together and make like a big jukebox ? or does that have to go into storage along with your civis?
  15. Regarding your qualifications take relevant Certificates along so that you have proof and the details can be added to your Service Documents.

    Don't bother with the laptop you won't have time to muck about burning CDs, watching/copying/downloading movies, e-mailing or compiling Jukeboxes for all the peeps to have a boogie to.
    Believe it or the main reason you'll be at Raleigh is to train to be a Naval Rating, not an MTV VJ.
    Even when your 'working day' is done you'll have kit to clean, iron, polish or prepare for the next day's Training, accomodation to clean (Yes you do it not your mum.) and perhaps some form of preperation for the next days Training.
    When that's all done you get to eat and sleep a bit.
    Leave it at home until you've completed Phase 2 Training.
  16. thanks nz , just i was told by a friend who's bf was in raleigh said the computers there were crap and slow so he took his own eventually and used mobile broadband, its easier to just send the emails which is all i truly want it for, nobody ill like my music i cant garentie (cant spell it) it, i prefer latin and spaish lol and classic and so on and so forth ( i don't think it would fit in do you )
  17. I'm 26 now so GCSE's will be irrelevant, It was about 2 years since I completed the Key Skills.

    Hopefully I should be ok just need to refresh on them.
  18. on the matter of your leave - In honesty, it's really down to you where you go. Friends, family, hotel etc.

    Once on a ship it's easy to have lower deck leave ie stay onboard, but take leave. Whilst in the training establishments it's not going to be as easy as all the training staff have to take thier leave as well. This means there will not be any staff around to check on your safety etc. Also Raleigh would be a fairly lonely place over leave as most of the staff will be away. There must be someone who'd put you up (or should I say put up with you)?

    Hope this helps


  19. Have you received the list of stuff to take yet?

    If it isn't on the list, best thing is not to take it. If you do take it, then it will be placed in storage.
  20. oh dam , and i haven't received but i have read, i just assumed it might be the same as mobiles and ipods as long as you don't have headphones in and isolate yourself in vr world you would be allowed in your own time. looks like it'll be facebook messages on the mobile :lol:, its keep in touch with my gf mostly she lives in mexico, snail mail takes weeks but i guess i'd have to write a letter a week and that's that.

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