Few question need answering

Hello , due to start this September. Just a few questions I need answering for the misses .
What are the tour rotation s . I know the 4-3 one. It's just been told sometimes you don't do 4 away but more like a few weeks . This true ?
And also the wage after an apprenticeship as I'm taking quite a pay cut to join rfa .

Cheer for any help
Just to give you thread a bump and to ask a side question, when in September do you start, I'm due the 17th

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Nope, communications technician. However we all need to get through Raleigh first.

Hope someone comes along and answers your origin query.

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Interesting question - I am trying to find out too!
And what time do you spend at sea as an apprentice?
I know it's 4/3 when qualified but don't know what it is when training
Or the pay?
Hope we can find out
Cheers mate


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As an app you do a 4 month trip after completing Raleigh and your sea survival/firefighting at Portsmouth. We had 5 weeks off after these courses before we joined our first ship.
After that trip you go back to Raleigh for 4 weeks - phase 2 training. This may be straight after leaving the ship or you may get a few weeks of as the courses only run 3 times a year at Raleigh. After Phase 2 you then get a month off before your next 4 month trip.
You should be able to get all your tickets signed off on this second trip and, assuming you've passed Phase 2, be offered a contract at the end of the second trip.
This will be dependent on the ships programme and what you've got signed off on your task book.
As for pay! It's pretty poor. £14,500 for the first 12 months then it increases by about a Grand in the second year. Guys are clearing about £1066 a month after tax and pension in their first year.
It's worth the pain though, I'm what's called "living the dream"
PS this is app Deck!
Thanks for replying!
I will be training at sultan not Raleigh
- sea survival fire fighting done there
So when will we go to sea ? How does that work please? As opposed to Raleigh
Cheers bud
I've had to with draw my application with days to go . Totally gutted and got to wait 12 months before reapplying . Got to go through it all again


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Sorry Bob but I'm on the App Deck course. You do a lot longer at Sultan than our 10 weeks I think it's about 30 something! Every weekend off though.
The sea survival/firefighting is a week and half at HMS Excellent on Whale island in Pompey.
Then it's to sea but I can't tell you any more than that.
Pay is the same though.

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