Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Like a lot of us I've been around the block a few times,10 years in the RN and 30 years running night clubs etc so I've seen a lot but:
    In the Mail today is the life story of Vanessa Redgrave and her homo father.
    The part that left me banjaxed was where he,in an effort to get his rocks off liked to walk around naked in a suit of armour?
    I may get a bit of that but the next one was Quote: “Having ping pong balls fired at threads that had been pulled through various parts of his body!!!”
    WTF is that supposed to be?I'm a man of the world but it seems I'm just a child in kinky practices.
    Check it out in the Mail,poor Vanessa found her husband in bed with her father!
    Never liked her much anyway but what a father!Anyone else heard of this fetish?
    Last post for a fortnight. Cheers.
  2. What are you after, a better description and instructions on how to get set up :)

  3. Get one, fill it up and have her indoors blat away until you achieve some sort of satisfaction.
    (You can probably get a suit of armour off E-Bay)

  4. Ive always had a soft spot for a one peice diving suit full of swarfega, but thats just me.
  5. How can you say 'a little over enthusiastic' and come up with a pic like that? you don't come across something like that by accident :)
  6. Cut'nPaste quote again:-

    From; NotmeChief
    [How can you say 'a little over enthusiastic' and come up with a pic like that? you don't come across something like that by accident]

    One must always have a fairly extensive back catalogue of Internet trawled dross that can be called upon
    when it is deemed necessary to insert something of a humorous nature into ones post(s).
    Anyway - I'm a f***ing PERVERT me!!! Use Google a fair bit (naturally).

    Typed in:
    *Naked old skinny grandad with large boots on, sitting on top of a pile of timber outside the family shack hiding his dick under a small tin bath whilst Ma goes ballistic and Granmas putting more wood on the fire * (Selected Images, hit Enter and whaddya know)

    Last edited: May 8, 2011
  7. I thought granny might be saying "no, that pole is for guy fawkes, get off the fuckin thing".
  8. Thats wetblobby's African cousin, I want my five pounds.

  9. I thourght it was a bath filled with Swarfega and Ball Bearings, or was that someone else?
  10. Tried that but lost my balls down the plug hole.
  11. There you go Rod - fixed it for you!!
  12. I thought it was Swarfega and cut up locking wire....or is that a WAFU thing?
  13. *faints...*
  14. It has to be the citrus swarfega with the scratchy bits in though.
  15. posh cunt.brushteeth
  16. You dont ave to be posh to be priviliged doncha know.And anyway the scratchy bits really reach the bits other swarfs dont;)
  17. Aye:brushteeth:.........

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