Just wondering if anyone knows who I can contact to ask about fencing in the Navy, and more specifically whether they cater for it at Dartmouth. I start in Jan. If so I want to take my kit down with me, but it's quite bulky. Do YO's have much storage space for sports equipment?

They do...I think I'm taking my fencing kit with me (even though it'll be a nightmare to carry). Actually maybe just the breaches (new regs and all).

Apparently they have equipment for fencing but it's not that great. (That'll all be sorted out in the near future though).

Sorry to be of no use.
There was a fencing club at Dartmouth when I was there, we used to train on the quarterdeck.

No idea about kit as that was several years ago.
I'm relieved to read that fencing is still alive and kicking in the RN. In fact I'm rather surprised it isn't more widely adopted. Our ex-pongo fencing master at school refused to wear protective gear until one faithful day when the end of my epee snapped off, as I was lunging at him, and the sharp end caused injuries in a very sensitive spot. Blood everywhere, but he survived hospital intact, still able to father children and always wore the padded gear after that! :biggrin:
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