Females/ younger people joining RFA


Lantern Swinger
Just to chip in here and say Cadet recruitment numbers remain what they've been for years... Recruitment are doing well at getting more SE cadets on the books but the overall targets haven't changed.


Hey all,

Just looking to see if there’s any younger people wanting to join the RFA who want to talk about the process/have already joined to give some insight. I feel like it’s a very male dominated career with a lot of older people (not that it’s a bad thing I would just want some friends at work in my own age bracket too) I’m a 19 year old girl about to graduate next year so just want some people to be able to chat to about it around my own age. If there’s any girls on here looking for someone to talk to I’m more than happy as I feel like I’m living in a mans world
Thanks in advance xx

I am a 17 year old female due to start in September