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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by higthepig, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. Two things come to mind why are they still called WRENS?Are they not Royal Navy now instead of womens royal navy?And can someone explain to me why they wear a sailor suit,are we the only navy on earth where that happens?Its just that i saw one on the news today,and what a bag of shit she looked,the female form is surely not suited to it,what was wrong with the uniform they used to wear?Icant think of a Logical answer ,but no doubt someone will start to put me in the picture as uaual,no abuse please im an OAP,and delicate.
  2. I hated being labelled a Wren!

    However, our No1's are slighty shaped differently to the guys ones. And I agree the uniform does nothing for us!
  3. For the oldsters here they will always be Wrens. I too find I have caveats about lasses in lads kit but I suppose if you are promoting a culture of equality and modernity, and square rig is a good, traditional recruiting emblem, then the lasses are as likely to like them. It would be interesting to hear the views of contemporary naval lasses/ladies as to their views. Having said all this I DO think that the top half of a wren's traditional outfit does suit Rincewind! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. My last DO in the Mob was the first WREN to go to sea.
    I remember we had a wee ceremony when she swapped her blue epaulettes for gold.
    The hierarchy loved it, in fact there was a damp patch. From whom?......we weren't quite sure.

    She was routinely overruled by the Charge Chiefs, so we weren't quite sure what she was for.
  5. I just love the damp patch's , and must agree , most of them look like a bag of shite , but then again so do most of the blokes , bring back the old rig , 5 or 7 creases in the trolleys , i could only manage 5 , being a bit of a short arse.
  6. When were the creasing of trousers abolished. I thought it looked very smart (though a bit of a chore ironing the ruddy things)?
  7. She told me, one night when on watch in HQ1, that she had to have her steaming bats specially made (size 3), and that she bought a lot of her clothes in Mothercare.

    Whilst I was a bit unsure as to why she felt the need to share these facts with me, I couldn't help myself by saying she was a typical Naval Officer in that she only shopped in Mothercare to avoid paying VAT on her knickers.

    Please excuse me while I adjust my dress. It seems I'm now a badgeman.
  8. I've just joined the RNR (I'm 18 ) and some instructors there refer to the females as Wrens, eg "wren writer", which means the recruits pick it up too.
    Personally I think females in men's kit looks sh1te, what's "equal" in making women look like men?
  9. Horizontal creasing of trousers was abolished in 1977 and replaced with fore and aft creasing (according to what i was told)
  10. The term Wren is no longer in use, officially, in the RN. Split-arses however ;)

    Sorry ladies.
  11. Yep they did look smart , they even wear shirts now instead of white fronts , another big mistake , i won't even mention the bloody jackets . and the old number 8s were a lot better as well , the denim type looked the biz when they started to fade a bit , did'nt feel such a sprog then .
  12. No 2s with fore and aft creases were issued for a few weeks before I joined, however my class was the first not to be issued with No 1s until the completion of Pt 2 training.

    Obviously an exercise in cost cutting.

    Pusser, in their wisdom, never told the Instructors, so our lives were made Hell for the first week, as we'd lived in our Nos.2s and then were expected to go on Ceremonial Divisions wearing them.

    Oh, it was bad!

    And then when we eventually got our No.1s, they had fore and aft creases.

    Man!, it truly sucked!
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    As a bloke, I'm sure you did 8O
  14. Listen, I'll take you round the back of the lockers sunny boy! I ain't a dude and I know you are only saying this for photographic proof!! Ask PTP!
  15. No your not the only Navy that have women in mens outfits. The Oz navy also have the females in sailors rig, complete with those stupid oval caps
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not at all, I believe I have seen a photo in the Gallery 8O
  17. WHAT!!!!!!! Where!!
  18. Nozzer square rig good for recruiting,yes male surely,best uniform ever for pulling, are you insinuating,jenny does too?for me it was the old uniform,christ it must be like pulling your oppo.
  19. Agree best uniform for pulling , pulled a few bonny lasses in rig , pulled a few not's so bonny as well i must admit , but only after a couple of sherbits , memmeries .

  20. Memmeries ---------------- fink you should have said Mammaries 8O 8O

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