Female Pilots

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Lamri, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Ahh Bless :)
  2. What, no rear view mirror? How the fcuk is she going to do her lippy? :)
  3. Ah, but do you see she has got her handbag hanging on the dash???
  4. Not only that FFS its left hand drive.
  5. Let's just hope she doesn't have to park the bloody thing. She should be in the back serving tea and coffee. Oi! Bird! Mind that tall building.
  6. And i bet she whinged about the clash of seat and uniform colours!!!!
  7. She seems to be holding on nice and tight, wonder if she has one of those vibrating seats????
  8. She's got her headphones on so obviously listening to her favourite tunes on her mp3 player
  9. Or using her hands free Mobile.
  10. Or thinking about last night's roll in the hay!!!!!!!!!!

    Or should I say, roll between the sheets!!!!!!
  11. Oh! she is up for promotion then?


  12. Yes Trolley Dolly 1st Class! :lol: :lol:
  13. No wonder she's banking to port, the silly mare has pulled the fire handle on number one engine!!!

    Good piccie Avatar thief!!
  14. Maybe trying to use the drag to help with her rate one turn :wink:

    Wimmin Pilots? I swear, they'll be giving them the vote next! 8O
  15. [quote="noemis]
    Good piccie Avatar thief!![/quote]

    Lol, my Avatar is new and nice, yours is old and smelly :D
  16. Do they really wear stockings and sussies under those grow bags!?
  17. I don't think thats the fire handle they are normally red. Any way all the thrust levers are together. Also for the uninformed earthbound mortals amongst you all fixed wing a?c are left hand drive.
  18. Lol, my Avatar is new and nice, yours is old and smelly :D[/quote]

    Surely I don't smell that bad, I've got to be around 262 miles away!!
  19. Sorry DI did the left hand drive pun go over your head?
  20. That is the fire bottle, D_I. The yellow and black handle is a safety shield to prevent the bottle from being tripped inadvertantly. Wouldn't want to flame out a healthy engine.

    BTW, the aircraft is a P-3C Orion, and if anyone wants to see the original, undoctored version, check here:

    P-3 Girly

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