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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by flymo, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Bl00dy marvellous :)
    Shame it didn't happen to me:

  2. Just keep going to your ballet classes....you might get lucky
  3. Me wearing a tutu? Christ, the tide would go out and refuse to come back in again ...
  4. Lucky 15 year old me thinks. If was 15 and had I'd been Tupping my 27YO teacher you wouldn't have got me to tell tales out of school.
  5. Lucky little sod gives a new meaning to ballet pumps.

    And BTW she's a bit of quality is she not?
  6. Good looking lass, could have been worse
  7. Well those ballet tights leave nowt to the imagination, he is probably John Holmes Jnr and she took advantage, BZ to her and yes I would.
  8. I would.
  9. Well, he's legal now mate. Knock yourself out :D
  10. To any one who think he is a lucky sod, may be he is but it may fcuk his mind up big style. Having known someone its happend to, its not a easy to sort out the follow up 5hit. Having said that I would :oops:
  11. edit: talking before thinking :oops:
  12. What is it with our precious male youth being damaged these days?
    I would have given my right bollock for something like this to happen to me at age 15.

    Mind you, having to wear a pair of tights and ballet pumps for it to happen would appear to be a bit too sophisticated for a teenager.

    It wasn't until I'd been in for a couple of years that the wearing of this sort of gear started to appeal to me.
  13. Who thought up this most stupid law of it being a criminal offence for women to seduce men.

    Could only have been a puff or Harriet Harmen.
  14. Defo missed out somewhere in my life

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