Female celeb mud wrestling on tv

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. In ref to another post about Shooting Stars and it being crap,how about the beeb coming up with an alternative tv show.

    I would like to see female celeb nude mud wrestling as a new show to spice up dull nights.

    Who would RRs like as the females to take part? :lol:
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hattie Jacques and Violet Carsons
  3. Now that IS sick,but I like it :lol:
  4. Dribble dribble dribble.......Kirsty Young v Alesha Dixon 8O 8O
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  6. Alesha Dixon, that man is correct, oh so correct!

  7. Angela Rippon v Kay Burley - provided they can't talk. Or Fiona Bruce v Mary Nightingale.
  8. I vote for syrup not mud!

  9. jo brand n julian clary
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  11. Is that minge hairs coming through the black swim cossy ?
  12. Peter Mandelson and Hazel Blears :twisted:
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    One for the brothers, tag match



  14. Why is Higgy wearing a white dress? :eek:mg:
  15. queen latifah v victoria beckham?

    for pure comedy value.

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