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i go to Raleigh in 3 weeks time :?, during my Medical examination i was told i have slightly flat feet but no real issue... is it a good idea to take some really good quality insoles with me down there regarding the boots.. and which one do you recommend ? advice welcome ?

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Lantern Swinger
your advice is very much appreciated ... my feet dont ache or hurt and it doesnt effect my running or general activities! rumour through the grape vine told me that get a good pair of insole to take down with me cause the boots make your feet hurt sometimes!
To add to Stix's comments, there is also the matter of strengthening your feet, so that the muscles in the foot can aid the support of the Plantar Fascia, and start to get your arch naturally lifted.

Try this tip:
Get a towel and lay it flat on the carpet in front of where you are sitting. Place your knees at 90 degrees with your heel on the carpet and the ball of your foot on the towel. Then scrunch your toes on the towel dragging it a little towards you each contraction, using your toes alone. Keep doing it until the towel has completely bunched up in front of you. Repeat.

Also, take one 100 metre walk every night in bare feet on the road/path.

If you do that every day (perhaps twice a day) you will develop arch support. It might not replace your need for arch supports completely, but it may make you less injury prone.
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