Feeling hard done by


War Hero
Feeling hard done by?fed up?think things could be better?spare a thought for Seaman Mackay.
In 1794 he was on a small sloop and taken prisoner by two French Frigates.
Forced to march a hundred miles to a prison he endured a lot,he tried to escape a few times,always was caught despite speaking French,and paid the price in punishment.
Fell in love with a French girl but she died of Smallpox,he tried again to escape and eventually after 4 years trying he made it to Germany.
From Cuxhaven he caught a packet to Yarmouth and finally sat down in a pub for a pint of real ale.
He was then press ganged and sent to the West Indies!
I hope he survived as nearly a third of all RN sailors died of Yellow Jack[Yellow Fever] until one of the most enlightened Captains and Surgeons realised that, whilst laying off shore no one caught Yellow Jack.
A big break through.
Next time you are down think of poor old seaman Mackay!


War Hero
That's nothing. I once had to do a long morning watch followed by all day on part of ship followed by the long first on my sodding 18th birthday. 24 hours non stop work is for winners. I also got the shits once in Mumbai.


War Hero
Hard luck son! I remember Mumbai,went ashore with my mate who looked a bit tanned,well more than tanned part Indian I suspected.
I thought being blond haired I would have no trouble,as in Africa,S.America,Spain etc anywhere where blond hair was unusual I scored big time,in Sweden,Norway,Finland etc I may as well have stayed on board ship, it was barren.
Anyway we walked into a bar and I chatted up a gorgeous Indian air hostess,she decided my mate was a better bet so he shagged her,much to my annoyance.
Six months later he was still confined to the ship struck down by a dose of clap so bad they couldn't cure it!Eventually he went to hospital but I am thankful I missed that leg over as in that six months we visited some great runs ashore but not for him.
Felt sorry for him but pretty lucky for me.
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