Feeling all empty inside

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by wompingwillow, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. She's gone, went in last night and after god knows how many complaints she's finally put in her resignation.

    Feel like part of my purpose in life has now been removed, who do I moan and b*tch about now. Is there any point in carrying on?!

  2. Of course there is hun - there is shopping, your snails and in 8 weeks it will be Xmas with all those sparkly lights!
  3. WTF is this all about?

  4. Is this that woman who was bullying you, Womps?
  5. Well done Womps - you outlasted the bitch and you didn't have to resort to her tactics. Just proves that your character is so much better than hers.

  6. Sorry Womps, you seem like a nice person but I personally don’t agree with anyone lamblasting someone on a forum when that person is not here to defend themselves.

    It`s just not cricket.


  7. Bad news is that someone else is sure to come along and start you mumping and bitching all over again --life is a bitch :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. ...but are you certain it will be accepted?
  9. Are we talking about your lezzy life partner? :D

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