Feedback for Tricorn Cap Replacement Survey

Is this a better design for the Tricorn cap?

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  • Change the design but don't use the RM band version

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Any thoughts feedback regarding the images? Not so much the reasoning behind a possible change. It would be good to get different perspectives as to what people think the new Tricorn should look like. Feedback is being sought by NCHQ before 16 Feb.
For attention of female officers and senior ratings of RNMS.

Ladies, Ma’ams, all

As you may be aware, there is currently an issue with the quality assurance of the Tricorn; this is being resolved. With the difficulty in procurement and the rising costs, I have been asked by the clothing team within Logs and Infra Division to scope the thoughts of you all to the idea of a Tricorn replacement. Please could I ask if you could forward this email on to as many people as practicable from all branches, ranks and rates.

I have to emphasis that this is not a forgone conclusion and will not happen overnight should there be support. This will be a long process in which this scoping exercise is only the beginning.

I attach the photos of the first prototype. This is based on the female RM band cap, and therefore, already in service. Apologies to the Senior Rates for my rather poor attempt at showing you what the cap would look like for you but I hope you get an idea. The attached photo shows the cap next to the current in-service male cap for perspective.

image001.jpg image002.jpg image003.jpg image004.jpg image005.jpg 20150114_082955_resized-1.jpg image001.jpg image001.jpg image002.jpg image001.jpg image002.jpg image003.jpg image004.jpg image005.jpg 20150114_082955_resized-1.jpg

Feedback I have received so far is that the cap is comfortable to wear, stays on the head better than the tricorn, looks smart, would be easier to transport and that the senior officers braiding would be easier to procure. Negatives are that it looks very American, the pattern on the band would not be suitable, breaks the tradition of the tricorn and looks quite masculine.

Please be honest with your feedback. If you have an idea of a different cap or any tweaks to the current prototype, please forward your suggestions to me and if possible, we can look to make another prototype. Intention is to present the idea of replacing the Tricorn to the clothing board at the end of February, so I would appreciate your thoughts NLT Monday 16 February.

To emphasise this is a scoping exercise and not a forgone conclusion.

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you all. Should you be in Leach Building on your travels, you are more than welcome to come up to the 4th floor and have a look at the cap.

Kind regards

<<redacted text>>

SO3 ISCM, Navy Command Headquarters, MP 4-4, Leach Building, Whale Island, PORTSMOUTH, Hampshire, PO2 8BY
Personally I think it looks horrendous- it seems like we're trying to kill of what feminine looks the uniform has. Personally I still think that the women serving should never have been brought into square rig- it just doesn't suit them and this seems to me another case of trying to masculinise [is that a real word] them? If you're going to ''update'' the tri-corn, atleast have something similar to a tri-corn! Even a Wraf's cap in our colours would look better in my opinion than giving them a similar one to the men.
Female Bandies look relatively smart in theirs; I think the use of an Admiral's peak doesn't help in the demonstration. You'd also do better by showing it on someones head!


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Does anybody's opinion really matter? This is being driven as a cost exercise, the tricorn hat is too expensive according to the OP. Therefore the cheapest option will be chosen, regardless of any opinions expressed.

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