Fecking stranded.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by smeeg, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. Stranded in florida in pishing rain. Supposed to be back on squadron tommorow... Post any random, crazy ideas about how to cross the atlantic in double time without the use of a jet at high altitude..


    On a serious note, reckon they'll have the days back off me out of my allowance? couldn't complain to be honest..
  2. Find a USN or USAF base, flash the ID card and ask if you can chat about the US/UK relationship, aircraft performance etc etc.

    Then if possible, get them to e-mail or fax the squadron to say you've been working.

    You can then claim that you valiantly stayed on over your leave to do a bit of work!

    Edited to add: If that fails, when you get back, buy the writers (sorry, Logs (Pers)) some choccie hobnobs and see if they can "fiddle" with JPA so you don't get your leave docked.
  3. No go Mildenhall is ground bound

    volcano,flights,Europe - {Travel Daily News}Flights cancelled in volcanic ash alert. Friday, April 16, 2010 ... The U.S. Air Force said two of its air force bases in England, RAF Mildenhall and RAF ...
    www.traveldailynews.com/.../36550-Flights-cancelled-in-volcanic-ash-alert - Cached

    Maybe latter but join the queue
  4. I know that this probably won't help, but Expedia is showing flights from Florida into Madrid tomorrow (not cheap though, not cheap at all). You might then be able to squeeze onto the Bilbao - Portsmouth ferry.

    Don't know what else to suggest ................
  5. Oh no, I meant that he stays over in Florida and pop into his local US base to visit the PX each morning, then work tropical routines and then he can say he's been liaising with the septics.
  6. If the sun comes out i wouldn't care if the thing erupted for months on end... any ideas about my leave?
  7. Well that's you trooped then ..... err, am I helping? ....
  8. Most helpful.. And the dragons den mocked my idea for a transatlantic zipline.. bastards.
  9. IF this keeps up perhaps someone should build a transatlantic trainline...or to be daft, a big cannon and fire people across the water ;-)
  10. I cant see them taking your leave off you. I dont think your going to be the only pearson. I know at least one bootie is stuck in africa somewhere and i bet theres quite a few more missing from parade tomorrow.
    Even if they do take it off you at least your getting a longer trip in florida. I really doubt they will though. Would be very petty for them to do that.
  11. James and the giant peach was a f*cking logistical god.
  12. Stranded at my desk in UK, should be on a buisness trip to Atlanta now, waking up with a hangover!!!
  13. Are helicopters grounded aswell? I have a contractor over there, and I need him here this week.
  14. What's the latest?
  15. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I can see it now. Flown to Spain, driven to the port and on board ALBION. First Damage of Albion and last true PWO(A) of Bulwark and the LPD's collective. I could even do the odd watch, in civvies. Or just kick the arse out of it and ask bone questions of everyone I meet. "Is it true you have to have a pony tail if you are the Buffer?" "How do the arrows on the deck know to come on at night?" "Which instrument do you play? (One for the RM's)"

    Mind you I think I still have an outstanding mess bill so not such a good idea.
  16. I see the latest is a potential amphib mobilisation of at least three RN capital ships to pick up our countrymen and women from the shores of Spain. Given the accomodation of such vessels and the potential for three days at sea including a lumpy Bay of Biscay, wouldnt it be more appropriate to charter ferries for this job ? I can't help feel Lord West is pushing the RN into a role and media spotlight that will supposedly win dividends come the next SDR ?
  17. Well, today, the Floridian sun came out. With enthusiasm. To the beach! Was beautiful, and compounded by the knowledge that i should have been digging out at work. Then two pods of dolphins cruised past, and we cracked out the Strongbow.

    This is the best global disaster of my life.

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