Fecking Major is a WALT!!


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Just seen a Major reminiscing with his bint about his school A level exams in '83... wearing a min SA Medal on his mess dress!!

Kings Own Fusiliers 'e was.

WALT, YOU'RE OUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

See it on Men & Motors :D :D


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With this sort of logic I must be a Walt as well. I wear the GSM Borneo and Malaya Peninsular, having been on HMS Loch Fada and HMS Loch Killisport in 64/65 and qualified for it. But I didn't take my A levels until 66 when I came back to the UK..... ergo I'm a WALT.


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OP did say school A levels, suggesting that they were the ones he would have taken at school (ie prior to entry into the army).


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Just seen said Major representing his Sergeant at a Courts Martial. This time neither have a rossette, despite his sarg 'fighting with distinction'...!

Kinnell.... Get yer details right pongo's
TWO fecking Walts..!!

Incidentally, the sarg is now 'Corporal' Wilton.... 8O :(


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paybobsquarepants said:
ARMY in the phone book ..under R
You don't watch the most realistic dramatisation of military life ever then?

Soldier Soldier

Classic Crap!!

(though Tucker is a star :D )


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I met a member of the Kings own Border Regt wearing a SA Medal, I questioned his oppo about it & he said he had been serving with another regt at the time (who dares wins)
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