Feckin Students are at it again!


Lantern Swinger
i collected our puppy on 8th December (Lakeland Terrier)

as part of its training i take it to the pub (naturally) for its 'association training'

i have now become even more aware of the amount of broken glass, vomit and dircarded food en route from my house to the pub (past a University Halls of residence in Headingley). What with all the 'sniffin' that needs to be done (by the dog unless the girl's panties are hanging on the lines) it is now taking me ages to get to the pub

So, the question is this; Why not get the feckers to pay council tax so that more street cleaners can be employed to clear up their shite? (they wont do it themselves thats for sure)

and finally, how come the little feckers aren't paying it in the first place?
I drop my girl friend of at Manchester royal hospital yesterday as she was about to begin her shift and we got caught up in the student March.
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