feckin' chrimbo

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guns1969, Nov 22, 2015.

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  1. over 4 weeks to go, and I'm pi55ed of with it already !
    I would really love to see it banned until about 7 days before the (big?) day, everywhere you go it is being rammed down your throat, supermarkets, high street shops etc. and turn the bloody TV on, and what do you get ? - fecking adverts for an over-priced load of shite, half of which will never get eaten, or crap prezzies that
    will be broken within 2 days of some little scrote getting it.
    RAM IT !!!!
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  2. Christmas.JPG
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  3. One of, if not THE, best Christmasses I have ever had was when we were held out on patrol in a very cold water area, until about the 20th December. When we arrived back in Guzz it was suddenly 'Christmas'! There was about 36 or 24 hours to get all the pressies in etc.

    I had also just got divorced - Christmas as a singly - result! Saved a fortune!!
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  4. I used to love Christmas but being married to a Christmas Nutter has taken the joy away, she starts Christmas shopping in January, questions like have you asked the parents of our Grandchildren what they need, and not just buy what you think they should have, half of it ends on EBay as their home are not big enough for all the stuff, and why buy so much food? It’s just one day and a larger than normal roast.
    I would rather put the money towards a large family holiday, the kids remember then a lot longer than the presents they had.
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  5. Funny you should say that Sumo. When all's said and done, it is only a posh Sundy roast and some pressies!

    SWMBO and myself have no family (yippee!) but usually buy each other a shed-load of stuff we neither need nor really want, buy shed-loads of Christmas food (just in case some-one comes round) which we neither need nor really want and there is always a requirement for some new Christmas decorations.

    This year all our friends that we would usually meet up with for the big day are going back to the UK or otherwise engaged. So we are going away to Lanzagrotty for the week. One small pressy each and a LED flickery glass Xmas tree for the room! Brills! *

    * Plus I'll be able to go diving in warm(ish) crystal clear blue water twice a day!
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  6. I hate you.
  7. BNM, I hope your statement was directed at Sonar-Bender.
  8. Billy is probably shouting at the world in general, but SB gets a personal mention, warm water swimming in December might have done it?
  9. My apologies. I'm on nights Christmas Eve
    and will be shagged out for the Christmas Day annual family fight.
    Somewhere warm and relaxing for Christmas made me jealous.
    The anti-depressants had not kicked in when I posted my response.

    I am all chilled out again now.

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  10. Could be worse. You could be Ronnie Pickering. :cool:
  11. I don't go much on Christmas, three weekends fucked up (working Sundays) just to get one off, shite on the telly with begging adverts in between and tossers who only go to the local once a year clogging the place up. Christmas? Fecking Humbug!
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  12. Oi - I've got feelings you know!

    Mmmmmm - warm water, sunshine and NO KIDS! Did I mention it was a child free hotel?
  13. I think you're taking the wee-wee now............
  14. Please make us happy and tell us it is a dry hotel???????????????:(
  15. I'll be the bigger man and say sorry and have a lovely Christmas away from it all.
    You deserve it. Happy Christmas.


    I hope the hotel room toilet backs up and explodes all over your 5 star accommodation.


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  16. When I was little we couldn't afford a Christmas dinner, so me and my only chum used to wait by the drains in the road for the rich people to scrape their plates into the sink and wash all the leftovers away.

    I always went home with a sock full of warm sprouts and some raw turkey heads.

    Mmmmmmm, happy days.
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  17. Raw turkey heads....................luxury.........................used to dream of raw turkey heads.
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  18. Billy looks like you beet me to the drain:( I will only get half a sock
  19. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Couldn't do that today, All the drains are blocked with leaves, mud and growing plants. Well it is 2015! If this is a result of being 'one of the richest nations on the planet', god help us!
  20. Granny even then you hade to get a stick to scrape the crap from around the edges to be able to lift the cover?

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