February Intelligence Branch Assessment Weekend

A CMRTM is about to be issued for the next RNR Intelligence Branch assessment weekend, currently due to be held in February 2009.
If you are interested in applying to transfer to join the Intelligence Branch then please keep your eyes open in units for the CMRTM. All units will be sent it within the very near future.

If you have any questions or queries regarding joining the Intelligence Branch, then please send a PM to this account, or consult the Intelligence Branch FAQs on this forum.

Please note that attendance at the assessment weekend is organised through the procedure outlined in the CMRTM . All personnel invited to attend the weekend will be contacted directly. Anyone who does not follow this procedure and turns up will not be assessed and will be RTUd.

At the moment, we would particularly welcome applications from ABs and LHs.
If you are in the RNR and thinking of applying for a transfer, please talk to your existing SO2 (Spec) BEFORE applying. The fact that you may be interested, does not automatically mean that your current specialisation will allow you to transfer.

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