Feb intake brnc

Hi, passed my AIB, (with thanks to all RR tips and help).
Had a call to say I should be in for feb, but would I like to do hydrographic instead of warfare? I've searched for info and am trying to get an acquaint to hms drake. Hm looks appealing as I have a science degree, could anyone give me some pro's and con's?
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Thank you, will go down to drake. From the longer previous posts there are two ways to enter, (WO HM or HM). Will find out which pipeline is on offer to me. Are there HM at all selections for BRNC? Really want to enter in feb.
Northern Lad,

Congrats on passing the AIB, and for getting a phone call so quickly (I had to wait for a letter). Sounds like you and I should be on the same intake, all things go to plan. Send me a PM - be good to know at least one person turning up on the day.

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