Fearless - Spring 1971


Looking at the stats of the contributers to RR it seems as if there could well be some who served in Fearless in 1970.

If so, I would be very interested to know if they still have a copy of "The Wessex Gasette" which I produced on behalf of the 845 detachment.

In the first of the three issues produced I printed an ode to the Wessex. The old memory is failing a bit and I seem to get a lot of "Senior moments" therefore I can only remember bits of the song. The first verse went something like:-

Four blades on my wessex,
And I'm just flying along
My ASE is running free,
The choppy sea don't bother me
As I'm singing the Wessex song

The chorus included:-

Singing, down a bit down a bit, keep the stick tight
I'l be back in the wardroom tonight
Left a bit, left a bit, hovering well
Just can't wait for the after lift bell!

The remaimng verses are now lost in the depths of time, but the final verse went:-

No blades on my Wessex and I'm not flying along

On second thoughts perhaps it's best left in the past - What do the great unwashed masses think?
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