Fear of shitting


Some of ours here at the hospital are unisex , awful coming out after a dump & a nice girlie is waiting , I always blame the person before me , so funny though if it's the other way round , makes you look at her in a different light so to speak , :oops: :roll:


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Anyone who has been to China could be forgiven for developing a toilet phobia. The public toilets are disgusting, this coupled with the bars not having toilet facilities meant that several times in several bars I just popped around the corner and started my own Yellow river. If the factory I was working at didn't have a clean enough toilet (most of them didn't) I took a taxi back to my hotel to take a dump.


Bogs at the top of the Gut took some beating....always awash with amber fluid.
A civvy mate who has none of the ailments in Shakey's link only '' goes'' once a week....I have warned him as to possible problems in later life such as colon cancer etc but I recieved a response akin to ''am a bovvered''. When they finaly dump what do they read whilst passing many dead otters....war and peace?, the life and times of Judge Roy Bean? or Jade Goody's autobio.


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Ah the gut, I believe that its well & truly closed now. However as I'm in Malta from Sunday till Thursday will attempt to check it out


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stirling said:
Strait street ( proper name) has been redeveloped Slim but worth a look all the same.

Redeveloped, who gave them permission to demolish a naval monument. Anyone would think that they owned it.
Pity really generations of British matelots never made it from top to bottom, no matter how they tried the last few bars always defeated them.
There's only one cure.... lock them in a barrack hut for a fortnight with a row of doorless heads and give em lots of bum rush formenting scran... then stand back 1000 yards upwind :lol: