fcuking shithole country

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. I'm now working self employed and paying a fortune in NI rang the helpline number to get some advice 60 minutes no civil service cnut answered the call. Then rang the benefit cheat grass your drinking buddy up hotline answered within 30 seconds!!!
    Fcuk its about time we got our priorities right - or maybe we have????
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  2. You only have to pay Class 2 which is £2.50 per week unless your only earning 5 grand and then it's sod all.
    9% on profit over 7 grand and 2% on profit above 42 grand so in total the most you can pay is 11% which is the same as PAYE.

    I do agree though, the country is shit, it's been like this since Gordon Brown abolished the sunshine.
  3. jockpopeye

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  4. I is agreein wivall wich you say hommey, dis is a shit country.
    Ow eva, me is got a plan to make it standard.
    We out all you efnic england basturds and sends you back to whatever you cum from.
    Den we grows bucket loads a de ganja and corner the market wich is all them plaices not fixed onto our bit, wat we call the continent.
    If yo'all live there yo is incontinent, but if y'all here yo's aint, kinda fing.
    Anyow its you englandish that is doin ower ed's in so bugger of bak to you's own pad. Sorted.
  5. Its probably a tad of envy, I see it constantly when people clock my chopper for the first time.
    The words spreading and now people make comment without even seeing it.
    Only yesterday I received an email from a bloke which simply stated,"What a prick" .
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  6. Mounted the podeum with walking stick which was then whisked away. Worked as something at the BBC for twenty four years. Wonder if he's on DLA as it isnt means tested. Nice Jock, said he was going to live in Barcelona and buy a season ticket. Course it won't change his life. I am just a bitter cnut. :)

    esit fur spelin
  7. Ill health? That would be morbid obesity, then.
    Now they can overdose on Big Macs to their hearts' content and great peril.
    Nobody deserves to win the lottery but there are those who deserve not to win it.
    Envious? Moi? I reckon that if I was, I'd buy a ticket occasionally. Anyway, I won the lottery when I met my Mrs and, liking her meat well hung, she didn't do to badly either.:party:
    I'm not bitter, I'm just a dyed in the wool curmudgeon.:pottytrain2:
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  8. We got ur number

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  9. 6 Inches taller and she would be spherical. :walk: but wider
  10. So its not massively wide. Who cares when you got yards, you can double it over.
  11. I could be one of them as well but I'm too bad tempered.
  12. That makes me a bitter cunt as well then , had to be a twat on benefits for fxxk sake

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