Fcuking Crabs

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Went to a Help for Heroes charity bash on Friday night in Looe, after a few beers I noticed an old distinguished gentleman wearing Cornish Tweed trousers and a funny coloured dicky bow in what appeared to be the colours of the South Atlantic Medal Association.
    He was in deep converation with a collegue both obviously ex officers so gathering my courage I asked if indeed he was a member of SAMA, he replied in the negative and then went on in boring detail that whilst he hadn't actually been down south in 82 but that he had played such a important role as a REMF staff officer co-ordinating Hercules transport drops after the Islands recovery he felt he deserved the medal !!how fcuking typical of our boys in the light blue.
    With a sad sigh I walked away - and gave the boring cnut a good ignoring for the rest of the evening.
    And we raised £1000
  2. How did you establish , so impetuously, that the two gentlemen were ex-officers?
  3. Because the wahing noise they made gave it away. wah wah wah wah!!!
  4. Because they were dull as fuck?
  5. Dull dull - two cars in the drive fcuk all in the fridge, heads up there sky blue shiney arses, funny thing most of the civvie guys probably earned more in a month than those crusty knuts made in a year, how the fcuk did I tolerate knobs like that for so many fcuking years.
  7. Thank you. Intelligently explained.
  8. Messmate had crabs, the bastard made sure he done a 'woops, ship rolled' everytime he passed someone who had come in from the shower. Yep, the whole cocking mess got it, DIDN'T THEY JAN.
  9. Good effort on raising the £1000 by the way

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