fcuking Cornish Car Park Warden Cnuts

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. Me wifey and the black 4 legged, pissing, shitting, scratch and sniff his cock dog enjoy a quiet sunday stroll on Seaton Beach most sunday afternoons but for the previous 2 sundays I got a fcuking ticket which being the cunning ex matelot I am got overturned however today fearing a severe backlash from the twatting attendants I took more precautions avoiding another fcuking ticket than a catholic priest in an Irish boys home. safely at home enjoying a bottle of Knights cider (£1 a bottle at Morrisons)
  2. I am not a natural in the art of geography and or topography but surely Seaton is in Devon?
  3. It is, Rumrat, it just feels like it's in Cornwall. 8)
  4. There is a Seaton beach in Cornwall. Devon hasn't got the monopoly on names you know.
  5. Seaton Cornwall guys me and wifey are ok - ish full forgiveness for banging my psychiatric nurse is still a way off, fcuking good dit though and it really would rattle some cages now I've retired.
  6. Nice little beach............but prefer Whitsands me dear
  7. I'm suprised the dog has recovered so quickly.I thought she fed him your cojons :D
  8. Agree entirely Whitsand Bay hotel quality - nice place for a pint after letting the dog loosen his very active bowels on Portwrinkle beach
  9. Not just Cornish car park attendants. In Fareham some moons ago, I was ticketed for doing a 3 point turn, which involved me entering a disabled bay. All the millions of disabled bays were empty at the time. When he stopped me, I asked the jumped up little shit what his name was. I kid you not, he replied 'N0 7' ashe wrote out the ticket, and that was it!!

    I told Fareham Council I'd see them in Court and so it went on, until the day of the Court Case, when they backed down.

    Never did find out who No 7 was though. Probably an ex-RPO. :D
  10. .

    Oh right I wondered why there was no American accents in California or Hollywood. 8O :wink:
  11. Isnt Hollywood in California?
  12. Theres a Hollywood near Stoke on Trent. Also a California at other end of Utoxeter High Road near Derby :p
  13. If you park in a private car park and remove your number plates can they do you? It's not a public highway so teh real yellow perils cannot bleat, only the plastic rent-a-gimps?

    Thoughts anyone?
  14. If you park in a private car park and get clamped it matters not whether you're wearing number plates or number eights !
  15. My daughter got clamped some years ago and as the car was a heap of shite I went down next day to remove radio and such like.Clamper asks me WTF you doing."The radio's worth more than the rest of the car so you can fcukin keep it" says I.Checked later and clamp had been removed so jumps in and drives home!!Result. :D
  16. There is a Barcelona in Cornwall too, but has no beaches
  17. Yeppers, near Pelynt, just north of :Looe, I know all the major farmers in the area.
  18. Your numberplate is written on your tax disc also a lot of cars have the vin plate on the dash. So sort those out and you should be fine assuming they don't clamp you.
  19. So in theory if I remove both number plates and tax disc. Cover any visible VIN plate and then jack the car up on bricks, I should save a couple of quid

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