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Fcuking boring civvy tourists

Stans just back from a little trip to Egypt and fcuking Brits really piss me off. Started on the plane going out from Birmingham delayed an hour because they had to defrost the aircraft - seemed a sensible idea to me but no whinging fcukers pressing the call out button demanding to know why the delay - fcuk me its minus 8 outside and the ice on the wings would sink the fcuking Titanic.
Then you get the big mouthed fcuking world traveller "been everywhere me" type got more handbaggage than Imelda fcuking Marcos has bad BO and hasn't shaved for a week.
Get to the hotel and there's more of the cnunts dripping about the food and can you believe it the weather - fcuk my tall hat its 29c and its too hot - then the fcuking sharks came best laugh ever cowardly bastards wouldn't go for a swim any self respecting shark would stay clear of the tw*ts.
Me off backpacking next year with all me mates, and if I catch the fecker that pissed on Winstons Statue in London he's going to have a job removing the pick axe helve from down his bell end.

Rant over oh fcuk I think I'm turning into the fcuking Grinch :(
Alfacharlie said:
yamyamdabber said:
Alfacharlie said:
yamyamdabber said:
stan_the_man said:
Started on the plane going out from Birmingham delayed an hour because they had to defrost the aircraft

Thats the cause of the problem shipmate :lol:

Cheeky cnut.

Yam Yam mate not a brummie! :)

Oh my.

No he'd need to treble his brain cell count to make it to being a Brummie. ;-)
yamyamdabber said:
stan_the_man said:
Started on the plane going out from Birmingham delayed an hour because they had to defrost the aircraft

Thats the cause of the problem shipmate :lol:

An hour? Chickenfeed! It was running at three hours at LHR last week. Strangely and returning from Toronto where snow and cold temps do not surprise people, we were bang on time....


War Hero
The very thought of the Great British public on holiday fills me with dread.

8O :D
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