Fcuk me what an ordeal

Hi guys thought I’d introduce myself. Been lurking on the forum for a considerable amount of months happily watching the banter and dits fly around and thought it was about time to register myself.

Have to say though, I don't know whether it is this bottle of circ 2009 plonk that caused difficulties or my keyboard malfunction (probably the sticky keys listening to your dits) that made registering more difficult but im here at long last. Had a few issues with the automated code you see. :roll:

I'm in the early stage of applying but am hoping to join the rank of the most bold here and hope to join as either a CIS, CT or WS dependant on my RT score. The chance to serve with any of the fine shippers I’ve seen on this forum would be a privilege.

Tom :)


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Hope all goes well for you there! The time passes really quick then you will in my situation. ! Raleigh in two weeks! If I can pass you certainly can!


thereverend said:
Does your reference to a sticky keyboard mean you've been wanking off to JonnoJonno's tales of rape, kidnap and beatings?
Careful, it's a thin line between love and obsession. When it's not reciprocated you will only find yourself stood at the top of the loft ladder with a washing line and a poorly written note, preparing for your final step and punching yourself in the grid through a veil of salty tears.


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You've been lurking and watching? Good man. I do that in my local area. I love to lurk, watch and stalk the local fillies as they are going about their daily business. It's a great way of taking up my spare time.

You don't happen to have some spare harry maskers and a lump hammer by any chance?
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