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fcuk it who wants a holiday?

Stand by yer beds.....who wants some top notch cheapo hols?...obviously gained by questinoble means but hey ho, shite happens.

Hols no 1:

2 weeks, all inclusive in Jamacia....I've been to this resort, its in dicovery bay (I think. I was shedded) all you can drink, all you can eat, all you can sunbath, included in the price is all your water sports, glass bottom boat, pedelos, kyaks, water skiing, banana boat various different boats etc..they even give you free ciggys at the bar if thats your thing.

fully recomended, £389 per person, airport tax extra.

Next head fcuk.....

5* in lara, turkey, fully all inclusive, £287 for a fortnight

fcuk thats good......

Pm if you are truely interested.

Both hols are for the the last 3 weeks in August, its a promo that I shouldn't know about, nowt wrong with a heads up if you fellas are interested.


We're having a holiday over here on "THE FOURTH OF JULY" You can come but leave the men at home! OH! those lovely English ladies! We love foreign women. AMERICAN WOMEN SUCK! Arn't worth a damn!
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