Fcuk it, I've had enough

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I think the time has come for me to say fcuk it and walk away.

    I'm an ex bootie who works in the promotions industry and I have to deal with the public and the media on a day to day basis and quite frankly I just cant be fcuked anymore.

    I'm sick of being screwed every which way by the government for more and more tax...money that I have to earn before I hand it over, sick of being nice to people.....I on avarage have a knife pulled on me once every 9 months, that doesn't bother me, what grips my shite is I cant fill them in because I'd be the one in the wrong then.

    I'm fed up with dealing with the public, period. The great unwashed in this day and age expect the world for fcuk all and are not prepaired to lift a finger for anything....the world owes them a living, it is there God given right to have everything for fcuk all, well sorry I disagree.

    I believe it or not do a fair amount for charity, again I'm sick of this, not because of the kids we deal with but because of the arsseholes who make a living out of working for charities, they're on £60K a year, nice car and all expenses paid yet expect someone like me to work for fcuk all (I once fcuk off prince charles because he wouldn't donate a days pay to a charity like he expected me to)......Hello....get real...if any of you out there want to help a charity dont even think about comic relief or any of the other telly shite, help out the london taxi drivers and the stirling work that they do for this countrys under privalaged kids.....The taxi drivers do all there work for free, the london based army regts help out every year and the kids get spoilt...it's a privalage to be involved with something that they organise.

    Back to my main gripe...the public....you should see some of the letters of complaint I've had after this years summer tour with Noddy (what fcuking summer).....

    Dear mr Blobbs....My daughter who is 10 years old wasn't allowed on the free bouncy castles that where for the under 6's...............

    Dear Mr Blobbs, my children entered the fancy dress compitition and didn't win, I expect compensation for the work that I did in dressing them up....

    Dear Mr Blobbs, I bought a helium balloon and when I let go of it, it dissapeared, can I have a refund.....

    Dear Mr Blobbs, I attended one of your events and it rained......

    Dear Mr Blobbs, I attended one of your events and it wasn't the real Noddy it was someone dressed up.....

    What gets me is they think I care. Then I get the phone calls.......

    Blobbs: hello
    Punter: can you give me directions to your show
    Blobbs: where are you coming from
    Punter:My house
    Blobbs: no shite.

    Blobbs: Hello
    Punter: can you tell me what the weather will be like at XXX a week next sunday?
    Blobbs: No
    Punter: why not?
    Blobbs: I've misplaced my cristal ball, call me a week next saturday and I should have found it by then

    Blobbs: Hello
    Punter: I have just bought tickets for your show on-line and I want a refund...
    Blobbs: why?
    Punter: because season ticket holders for xxx venue get in free
    Blobbs; are you a season ticket holder then?
    Punter: No, but I always wanted to be

    So, what do I do, walk away or grin and bear it? I have responsibilities to meet to my family and staff but feel no loyalty towards others, it's a tough one.
  2. Join up again or get a job as mattress storeman on camp
  3. LOl @ some of the responses

    I would've given the same responses myself.

    You need to think of number one as well if you ain't happy go out and find something else. Don't just quite though find something else first.

    Very understandable why you've had enough though
  4. Bad day at the office Blobbs??....we all get them mate and I know it must have been a terrible "summer" for you this year. Like a note on the licence plate of my bike says..."all stressed out and no-one to choke".
    Just got to make the decision yourself, do you think it will get better? Look at your commitments....for and against..I'm sure you have mates around you giving you good advice. Good luck mate...
  5. Well you did have to go for a job that involved direct contact with the public and it is a statistical reality that a significant proprtion of them are real numpties.

    I must admit though that the constant idiotic treatment you recieve would have driven me round the twist long ago.

    Mind you if you give that up you may have to work for a livig.
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Fcuks me WB, when I saw the thread title I thought some mod had deleted one WB post too many!

    I share your dismay and despair. The great British (and Polish) public are becoming more greedy as they become more dense. It's always someone else's fault, someone else's job.

    Don't shove too much sunshine up their arrses. The rest of the time they are pi$$ing people off one way or another, especially motorcyclists. It's like saying of Fred West; good bloke, always bought the Big Issue from the homeless bloke at the Post Office.
  7. It's easy to make quick quips in response to this , but every word of it is true. I started a thread on another forum about charity and the obscene amounts of money the boss at oxfam get, over £100.000 and had a £20,000 pay rise, that's more than most ordinary folk earn in a year.
    We all see the pensioners going to 'do their bit for charity' in the shops and all for fcuk all while them at the top cream it in.

    I only ever give to two main charities, the Devon Air Ambulance and the St Lukes hospice in Plymouth. Some collector have got shitties on with me when I tell them to sod off because I refuse to give to any supposed charity for Africa, or indead any outside charities.
    I really abhore our government giving overseas aid without checking what is being done with it. Give them seeds and a shovel, not money.
    They have for hundreds of years, and still do today, just sit on their arses and wait for someone to come and do things for them.

    I think my signature says how I feel about overseas aid.

    This country is rapidly turning into the arsehole of the world and only the government can make changes that will have a hope of bringing it back to some sort of normality.
    The kids are wankers because they know that nothing will happen to them, the PC Brigade nobbers have seen to that. There is a great difference between tollerence and having to put up with it, we HAVE to put up with it because it is us who will get the fallout if we don't.

    Think hard about what you're planning blobby and don't do anything on the spur of the moment that you might regret.
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    WB wrote
    Please Blobbs, disarm them and fill them in. Take a phot of the surprised and bloodied shit who has just been bootnecked and post it here. Tell the police that you tried to mug him, he fought back taking your knife in the process so you upped the ante. Real mugger gets lifted and charged with being a do gooding taker of the law into his own hands and you get a waggy finger and plod gives you 'your' knife back. Sorted!

    Good post by the way. Made me laugh. All you can do is educate the dumbos in the public. But I hear similar at sea.

    Numpty: I haven't had a mobile phone signal all week.
    Seadog: Once we've finished crossing the Atlanic, a bazzilion texts will arrive together.

    I'm surprised some kids can work the technology without having a clue about the basics.

    Never bin a job until you have something else to go to.
  9. I'm with you 100% on this one.
    Africa gets sweet FA from me, why should I give my money to some rich African to put into a Swiss bank, well that is the money that is left over after the deductions for fat cat salaries and to pay those young scroat collectors on our streets trying to convince you to make out an allotment to whichever cause is paying them.
    In this country we have Doctor Bernardo's, a great charity which helps poor orphans, load of bollocks, these days they take care of unruly kids. That's right the ones that keyed your car and told you to fuck off when you gave them a bollocking or mugged an old lady for her pension.
    I now only give to local charities where I can check out where the money actually goes.
  10. Most sensible thing you have posted here ever Seadog.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Steady Maxi
  12. W.Blobby I agree with you 99.9%, but I work for a charity I get no salary no expenses. Can you put me in touch with the big earners so I can try to get a portion. (Money as well) :money:
  13. Poor Blobbs. Have a wet on me!

    We have a board at work for the top 10 silly questions asked by a member of the public.... Here are just a few for your amusement...

    What is the number of Blackpool Tower?

    The hospital are cutting my husband open. What can I do?

    James Bond. What was he fighting for? Sodomy and abomination?

    Whose that Tory MP? You know, the one whose in the House of Commons!

    Where's my nearest dry cleaners?

    I'm the King of England. Pass this message onto Tony Blair.

    Do you know of any good leper colonies where I might live?
  14. I do believe in credit where credit is due, even when it is only a momentary flash so to speak.

    Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible
  15. A&E nurse for a long time. I love the general public. Especially when they don't bathe or stand close enough to the shower very often.

    Your granny was right, always make sure you have clean underwear in case you're taken to Casualty. The number of Heathrow 5th runways I've seen is nobody's business!
  16. I take it the 'customer centric' courses you've been placed on haven't helped a great deal?

    Had a US customer say to me on the phone once;

    I hope a stranger breaks into your home and rapes you, that you can never have children and that bin ladin burns your family to death!

    Never mind I thought, I just froze his gambling account and he couldn't access his 3000 USD's for a month.

  17. Would it be a suitable time to ask who you voted for last time. Did you vote? Do you regret voting for that party?
  18. Rather better than I hope your balls turn square and fester at the corners. Present company excepted.
  19. Currently working in electronics retail, I can fully sympathise here, the amount of people who will not give something a seconds thought or effort is rediculous.

    It really makes me worry about today's lazy society.
  20. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Just carry on taking their money and feck 'em. Ditch the polite customer service, no-one in this day and age expects it anyway, replace it with a phone that says "press 1 for Noddy, 2 for Big Ears etc! If any one wants a refund ask them to produce their receipt in triplicate and then give them a voucher for another show............. It's what all the big companies do and they seem to do OK.

    I'm being cynical, alternatively set yourself up as a childrens charity, pay yourself a wedge as DIRECTOR and pay Noddy sod all (that may not work as you are Noddy but you get the idea), get your missus to answer the phone, women are so much better at saying " feck off" oh and don't forget to pay her as Assistant Charity Director, don't forget the tax breaks for charitable status of course.

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