FCO Minister answers questions on Syria via Twitter


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Ministry of Defence said:
In his statement to Parliament on 10 January, the Foreign Secretary set out further UK action on Syria in the coming weeks. On 9-10 January, the UK organised a successful meeting at Wilton Park as part of our efforts in stepping up support for Syrian-led political transition and planning for the day after Assad. The meeting was an important step in taking forward this support. The Syrian National Coalition leadership shared its thinking for a future Syria and helped to identify practical options for how the UK and wider international community can support a successful Syrian-led transition to a stable and democratic country.
Representatives from 14 countries and international organisations agreed, alongside the Syrian National Coalition, that transition should build towards a Syria which offers equal opportunities for all, through which all Syrians can help determine the shape of a future Syria. This was an important milestone in Syria’s journey towards a lasting and peaceful democracy and we hope that our contributions play an important role in shaping it. The UK stands ready to support transition in Syria. But it will be a collective international effort to assist the Syrian National Coalition to bring about the changes the Syrian people so truly deserve.
Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt answered your questions about the UK’s policy towards Syria live via Twitter on Monday 14th January from 11.15am-12.00pm GMT. Questions were submitted using the hashtag #askFCO.
You can review the Q&A on Mr Burt’s Twitter page @AlistairBurtFCO.