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Fck Offski Blind Cnut, Labour Whip


War Hero
She's the MP for West Ham, that's considered polite conversation in the East End.
Loving the outrage in the comments section "Alla fackin' board ya cnuts!!"


Lantern Swinger
Just read this, what a great start to the week.

'Lyn Brown, the burly MP for West Ham'

is that journo speak for 'fat munter'? and a very rude one at that!



War Hero
Even after 3 months at sea I think I would step over that munter on the way to a blind, pox ridden,one titted veteran of Bugis St. before I would even think of reaming that!
The Commons contains the cesspool of the UK in a lot of cases.
I would hope her breasts turn square and she gets massive boils on each of the corners!
That should work!


"A witness said Miss Brown, 51, was 'clearly in a rush"

She was probably on the way to her first promise in 25 years :)


Like me, you obviously haven't read all the way through shippers - A Labour source said: 'There has been a misunderstanding

This is all a misunderstanding, this is a non story, we are all tossers.


War Hero
Book Reviewer

I certainly misread. I thought this was the guide dog.

In that story the blind Journo is quoted:

<<Mr Dilley said: 'Look, I'm a journalist and we should never be the story...'>>

Sorreee sunshine, but in case you hadn't noticed journalist's activities are definitely all the rage these days. :roll:
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