Sorry to be the bearing of bad news.
I have just received an email which informs me tht Albert RN has crossed the bar.
Many will remember Albert as a larger than life (in all respects character) from Lossiemout (he was CAA on station flight) , the RN Unit at Honington and as FCAA of 809 Squadron both at Honington and on Ark royal.
Albert was the Fleet Chief who required two surcoats zipped together when he ventured onto the flight deck.

email below:

Albert settled in Dundee when he came out of the Navy. I met him acouple of times, but he didn't join our local FAA Association.
He died yesterday of cancer , I think. His funeral is at the Dundee Crematorium on Tuesday June 16th at 11a.m.
Regards Bim Arnold, 809 Sqdn. 67-70

Rest inpeace Albert, you can eat and drink as much as you want now :(
Sad news.

Thoughts and prayers with those he left behind.

I never knew the guy but it sounds like he will have behind him some fond memories.
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