FB: The Sun's Military Awards - Best Reservist Category - Sub Lieutenant Imogen Napper


War Hero
"And our second Reservist shortlisted in the BEST RESERVIST category for tonight’s "Millies" Awards is:

Sub Lieutenant Imogen Napper, HMS Vivid.

Reservist's science skills help hurricane relief.

Environmental research scientist and Royal Naval Reservist Sub Lt Imogen Napper believes she has the best of both worlds. In her day job, Imogen’s research contributed to the recent worldwide ban of microbeads in cosmetics.

And as a Royal Naval Reservist she was sent to the Caribbean to help charity Team Rubicon in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Imogen, 27, says: “I expected I’d be on the ground making shelters and helping food supply lines. But once the people in charge knew I was a Reservist and understood military language, I was put to work attending command briefs and liaising with different agencies.”

Acting as a military liaison officer between the British Armed Forces and the humanitarian charity, she helped coordinate the UK’s efforts with the UN and aid organisations. Imogen, from Plymouth, Devon, says: “It was like slotting together pieces of a huge puzzle to make sure everything ran in a streamlined way, ensuring the people in remote areas got the help they needed”.

Sub Lt Napper is from a military family. Her dad Michael served in the Royal Navy, her uncle was a Royal Marine and her grandfather was in the RAF.

She says: “I joined up in 2015 and can’t imagine a time that the Royal Naval Reserves won’t be a part of my life.”

Imogen was on an expedition in India monitoring the amount of plastic in the River Ganges when she learned she had been nominated.

She says: “While science and the environment are a huge passion for me, serving is something I feel equally strongly about.

“My dad was so proud of me when I told him. I follow the Millies every year so getting a nomination for something I’ve done in the Reserves is a huge honour.”"