FB: Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity - Black Tot Day - 50th Anniversary


War Hero
Don't forget to join us on Facebook this Friday for the the 50th anniversary of Black Tot Day.

We'll be joined by Royal Navy veteran and folk-musician Shep Woolley live from HMS Victory to commemorate the occasion.

In the meantime, here's one of Shep's classics, 'It’s Roll on my Time Boys' to get you in the (Up) spirit


War Hero


War Hero
Too skin and essence for that!!!

You can't miss what you've never had!!!!

Happy fall over day to all you old farts!!!!:D:D:D

I thang u.......was 18 and 6 months when it stopped but had a few sippers , gulpers ......nips from Bob's cigar case
so the beer I had today was a celebration.

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