FB: Royal Navy And Royal Marines Charity - Hosting Your Own Trafalgar Night/Pickle Night Dinner


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"Since the early 19th Century, Trafalgar Night has been celebrated each October to commemorate victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and Lord Nelson ⚓

Unfortunately, this year many Trafalgar celebrations have been cancelled. Instead, why not host your own virtual or household Trafalgar Night dinners?

Trafalgar Night dinner traditionally includes a fish starter followed by the parading of the beef; a course that is usually roast beef or a beef wellington. After the main course attendees enjoy chocolate ships known as 'Ships of the Line'."

Download our Trafalgar Night menus here:



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Hope you manage to enjoy yours, @soleil . A club I have the fortune to belong to in Cowes held its Trafalgar Dinner on Saturday. Carefully organised to comply with the anti-Covid rules, it was a great success. The menu was much as you suggested. Started at 1800 - and finished before 2200. Music was provided by the Medina Marching Band, who were excellent. (over the years, some have progressed to the Royal Marines Band Service),