FB: HMS President - ‘Dunker’ Training At RNAS Yeovilton


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Blimey,'wait for all the violent motion to cease, then vacate the aircraft!!!'
That was a swift exit!!!
Used to do that every two years!! Good fun.
Did it when I worked in the Oil industry. Great fun but completely unrealistic.

Like where are the divers to drag out the non-swimmers when you ditch? Or someone being nearer to the window than you are and how they would kick lumps out of you while exiting the aircraft?


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When giving the emergency brief prior to flight. I could guarantee one of the pilots would say, "the airrewwman" will assist you to exit the aircraft in the event of a ditching!! At which time I would give the brief to the pax! Which would include the fact that god had not given aircrewman a third lung to assist passengers evacuate a ditched aircraft and the emergency brief was to remind or brief passengers what to do in such an event!! Harsh? Yes. Factual - yes! (Including the classic line - On the bottom of my boots in luminous paint are the words ' FOLLOW ME".:D
All that said, I walked away from every landing in an orderly fashion and after at least 20 sessions in the dunkerI never had the occasion exercise what I had practised.
As for the lack of realism. The idea was to give crews and passengers alike the experience of being immersed and to practice the exiting of an aircraft in day and night conditions.
A few of my compatriots who have ditched have said the dunker was in fact more difficult than the real thing. (Something I will have to take their word for!).

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