FB: HMNB Devonport: HMS Scott Pauses For Reflection Over One Of The Navy’s Most Hallowed Sites


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"On a grey midsummer day in the Southern Hemisphere, the crew of HMS Scott pause for reflection over one of the Navy’s most hallowed sites.

Ten metres below this spot, sitting upright, almost snapped in two, is the shattered hull of frigate HMS Antelope, torn apart by a series of explosions after bomb disposal experts triggered an unexploded device, in turn detonating the ship’s magazine.

The horrific sight which the blast left – a once-proud shipped snapped midships with thick black plumes of smoke rising above San Carlos Water – provided one of the iconic images of the Falklands conflict.

Nearly 40 years later, the 13,000-tonne survey vessel sailed into the now-silent waters of San Carlos to pay her respects as she conducted a two-week patrol of the islands.

The Navy’s largest survey ship helped plug the gap between long-standing Falklands guardian HMS Clyde departing the islands… and her successor HMS Forth arriving to pick up the gap."

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