Favourite Wartime Film?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by aussiepint, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Ok. Being the complete insomniac that I am, I switched on the telly. 'Apocolypse Now' was on, but not sure that it is as good as 'The Deer Hunter'? So what's your favourite war film..??
  2. Apart from "The Cruel Sea" :oops: I really enjoyed "Saving Private Ryan"
    Although I am very partial to the "Dambusters" and "Bridge over the River Kwai"... oh and "the Great Escape"............you got me going now :)
  3. The Cruel Sea wins for real war films. Best runner up for a Pongo film has to be Ice Cold in Alex 8) 8)
  4. I am a great fan of A Bridge Too Far.
    However being a Bootneck I have a real soft spot for An Ungentlemanly Act.

    I don't think that any modern war film comes close to the classics, you know the likes of Battle of Britan, The Longest day, Kelly's Heros, I could go on........
  5. Does it have to be modern warfare?

    Because Braveheart is my favourite film of all time!
  6. my favourite modern war film is probably We Were Soliders.
  7. 'The Train' and 'All quiet on the Western Front'..
  8. Das Boot....you could smell the Diesel and see the crabs.
  9. With you on that one,saw an interview with the real guy played by Mel Gibson. He was just like he was played in the film, very quiet genuine sort of bloke.
  10. Weird, but I just switched the channel here and Apocolypse Redux is on, they added and hour... 8O so it's 4 1/2 hrs long, will be interesting to see which scenes it was that got cut first time around....

    I think Deer Hunter was good as well, but I have to go with Das Boot the directors cut with the subtitles.....gave me a better appreciation for our O'Boats..... :D :wink:
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm with Smudge "Good-oh, Snorkers" the Wood-Butcher on those named.
  12. Hopefully not the version with John Boy Walton in :lol: :lol:
    I'm always up for a bit of stiff upper lipped drama (usually takes place in my kitchen when having a set to with the Wife, oh no thats John Osborne 'Look Back in Anger' territory :D ).
    My favourite though would have to be 'Full Metal Jacket'. Close second is a 'Bridge Too Far' and third another Para film 'The Long Days Dying' ( haven't seen it for yonks though so may be totally gash, much like 'The Big Red One', which I remembered as being great then watched it again recently and feck it was awful!!)
  13. What about Von Ryans Express (Frank Sinatra)... at one time it seemed to be on every boxing day for about 5 years... also "The Dirty Dozen" always creases me up........ "sitting here drinking some wine, soaking up a few rays" :lol:
  14. "Das Boot" has to be the all time best, but there are so many other top dits out there. In Ovens we had a Sunday night ritual of showing an old warrie. "The Cruel Sea", "Morning Departure", "Damn the Defiant" etc. all got a run. All top dits, even if the troops did feel the urge to act out scenes the next day :)
  15. :p I was taken to see 'Zulu' when I was quite young.
    "Fire at will" (poor old Will)!
  16. I saw this one on an old "classic" satellite channel once, and still
    think it's one of the best b&w (probably less well known) British
    War Films. If you get the chance - check it out.

  17. Remember watching this flick in the forends the year it came out, and the controversy it caused between Australia and Japan.

    Really good movie and the theme is sort of current with today's issues..(two competing ideologies).

  18. Kelly's heroes is also a favourite of mine. Donald Sutherland is hoofin in it!
    Whats with those negative vibes man?!!

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