favourite Vessel?


War Hero
Antrim, joined her as a junior stoker in'70 when she was brand spanking new. A few right characters on there. Eskimo ('72-'75) was the bezzy ship though, rolled like hell in rough weather but real happy ship crewed by complete nutters!


War Hero
Antrim 72 - 74
Renown (Port Crew) 76-79 Best years of my life. Wish I could do it all again, even the #9s!!


Lantern Swinger
Book Reviewer
WALNEY. Went on a jolly to Douglas with her. Despite the vomit-inducing motion, she was a happy ship with a fun ship's company.

OCEAN - despite being a total madhouse and having a permanent identity crisis (helicopter assault carrier or RO-RO ferry?), never a dull moment. You really have to be comfy with chaos to enjoy a draft to her, but good times.

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