favourite Vessel?


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Ark Royal because it smelt of polish and paint.......the Chinese cobbler was good too (that's not a food dish, by the way).

MG Maniac

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RR said
"Was pretty good on Global 86 once we had a change of skipper.
The first was a real short assed Napoleon complex tosser." ... I still haven't got the hang of these quote buttons!

Was that before or after she opened her arse end on Manch's port cavitation plate coming alongside in San Fran???? (laughing smiley thing as I keep getting a Java Script error!!!)


War Hero
Skimmers = HMS BLAKE because it got me all but around the world as a 16 1/2 yr old JRO 99 (G) and I liked it ..... a lot.

Black pigs = HMS COURAGEOUS because health and safety did not (repeat) did not exist between
1974-1979 as far as I was aware and everyone was stark-staring mental. Somehow we survived
and I can STILL hear the "Pop!....Fzzzzzzz! of a tin of CSB being opened by the alcoholic LMEM
who had the bunk underneath me (breakfast), swiftly followed by a "Cling!" of a Zippo as he flashed his first tab up of whatever part of the day/night it was (long live permanent darkness!).
You 'aint lived unless you've lashed an unventilated compartment up to 20 gallons of epoxy paint.
Better than crystal methamphetamine any day.


Lantern Swinger
2 favourites

Ambuscade because the department and the mess was awesome and we had a great Falklands 92 deployment - the fleet corvette's

The Geordie gunboat, left it at the wrong time Because the at James park refit shin-dig was awesome apparently - did a wigs/figs on it and another fantastic time

Worst was bulwark
Shit kit, nice department, shit grown ups


Best The Geordie gunboat awesome ships company fantastic deployments.
The worst Ark royal out of build just an officers gin palace. The skipper was a right bell end


Grafton 97/98. Brand new with a great number of 1st sea draftees. I was one of the last to join, so missed out on the build at Yarrows and social life of Glasgow. A cracking bunch of people throughout the ship and a great trip down the Gulf, that was unfortunately marred by the loss of Lt Toby Beale when the cab ditched off Singapore.
Fort George, sprits in the Jr's mess, single man ensuite cabin [albeit I shared the shower and heads with a lass] with a full size single bed, 2 duffs a day, negative SSEP [I had 3 people fighting me for my surcoat cause the civvies got paid extra to do it]. civvie rig at night, first name terms with the CHOFF [XO to us], and only 1 PLR to manage. Only downside was my chief was a WAFU, we stayed in Scotish ports for 6 months and I had to do flyco logger at all hours of the day and we also sailed on weekends. Was gutted when I had to leave her due to decommission. A serious back burner thought to joining the blue ensign cruise liners when I leave the mob.


Scarborough DTS. 1970 to decommission (sad time) great ship short staffed worked hard played hard, worst was first Aurora 1967/ 69. Great lads great trips S--t brass.

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