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Favourite Book

I am a simple being, my favourite books are the Sven Hassel war stories.
Try reading All Quiet On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque if you haven't already done so. Sven Hassel copied his style of writing (and I read all the Sven Hassel books back in the 70's ;)
There are that many newer authors out there these days and loads of varying topics to choose from when picking a good read ! Ive been an avid reader for 60 years (ever since I could read properly) and have lost count of the many books Ive gone through . The ones I have really enjoyed reading , in some cases I have read them twenty times plus . I like either Fact based books or novels based on factual events so with this in mind I have to say one of the best all round adventure reads is "Papillon" by Henri Charriere about the incarceration and escapes from the French Penal colony of Devils Island in French Guianna during the 1930s and 40s . For all Charriere swore it was based on his own experiences , unfortunately I think it has been proven that he took a great deal of poetic licence to use other prisoners experiences as well as his own ! This does not detract from this most well written story of suffering and escape as the guy did actually serve his sentence there . Hollywood followed up with a film starring Steve Mcqueen and Dustin Hoffman but as usual they (the Yanks) wrote the film script out of all context .
Shamelessly stolen from Lee Child’s latest book. It’s ironic that the same two words make the best and worse phrase in the English language…… Free Alcohol Alcohol Free

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