Favourite band/genre of music

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by paddlequack, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. I'm sitting here listening to one of a plethora of favourite bands i like whilst packing for holiday for tomorrow.
    was gonna just leave with with everyone to haggle over till i get back :).
    (knowing me though i'll probably come on here on the computer over there!)

    Whats YOUR favourite band/genre of music?
  2. Still like the Beatles (sad I know)
  3. Up until about 5 years ago I swear that nobody used the word genre, now every bastard uses it and I (for some inexplicable) reason hate it, hate it, hate it. :threaten: Maybe its because its using a 'clever' word instead of a 'simple' one. Why not just say what 'type' of music? Its always these ar$eholes on programmes such as Greatest Ever Sanitary Towel Advert that insist on using it. When I'm King I'm going to ban it along with use of that other clever word 'paradigm' which only means 'pattern or model'.

    Ooh I feel better for that! :whew:

    In answer to your question: Girl Groups of the 60s such as The Chiffons, the Cheescakes, Les Girls, Shangri Las etc are my favourite 'type'
  4. Genesis - saw them at Twickers last month, f*cking brilliant and after 15 years of no touring.
  5. I still listen to old school punk,even after 30 years i still love it.It was really hard trying to be a punk when i was in the mob,the b'stards wouldnt let me do it :mrgreen: "Sorry Leading Hand but i cant let you go ashore dressed like that and report to the MAA first thing in the morning please"Bloody officers lol.Off to the Rebellion Festival this weekend in Blackpool,170 punk bands over 4 days,should be fun :headbang:
  6. Jambosun
    I like your style, too many of these in words are being used:
    Take the following:
    I have issues with that. Instead of I have problems with that
    Absolutely Instead of I agree.

    Lots more that I can't think of at present . But I bet RR members can :thumright:
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Seeing them next month at Scotiabank Stadium in Ottawa, saw them 12 years ago at Earl's Court.

    My musical tastes are firmly rooted in the 70s with Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Barclay James Harvest, Mike Oldfield, Yes representing a fair part of my CD collection. However, there are also more up-to-date elements including David Gilmour, Dixie Chicks, Robbie Williams (saw him at Cardiff - surpassed just about everyone for sheer entertainment value!), Savage Garden, Bare Naked Ladies, Beautiful South, and some classical too.

    I don't like classifying things into pre-defined rigid buckets - it can be too restrictive and limiting (think American radio!).
  8. A lot more ^~
  9. I love rock, scorpions, ac/dc, etc.
    Love CCR
    Everything is kind of cool except that rap shit and all the covers that the talentless twots come out with now and do a rap in the middle.
    Wannabe gangster tossers. Aaaaaggghhhhhhhhh
    Eminem must hang
  10. As a child growing up in Lark Lane - Liverpool during the 70's, one of my first memorys is the first time I ever saw a Punk, and thinking......
    "What the fu**?"
  11. They always make me larf, punks, mods, bikers and goths all bleating on about how anarchic they are and how they are individuals and different, but they all look the bloody same :pukel:
  12. Cock Sparrer?
  13. Ah Well, thats me and the `Andrews Sisters` out of the equation then. :whew:
  14. Not this year mate,but they are playing a one off gig in Wolverhampton,Sat 3rd Nov
  15. Rock/Metal. And Tori Amos.
  16. I meant do you like em? my close friend sam is the drummer (Steve)'s daughter.
  17. Steppenwolf, Pink Floyd and Iron Butterfly and Neil Young, New York Dolls, Ramones, Lou Reed, the list goes on...

    Actually like all types with the exception of....Hip Hop/Gangsta Rap and fecking Country, well I used to like Slim Whitman...well okay ma Dad did....
  18. :) this guy has my vote.
  19. lol,yeh they're a top band mate
  20. neil diamond - what a guy

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