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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by josiecats, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Well more like songs that have a personel meaning...
    we all have them... Some funny some sad...

    Here's mine.....theres no order.. that makes any sence...(well unless you knew me.!!)

    Ladyblacksmith...Oh Happy Day.
    Pet Shop Boys..Shopping.
    Alison Moyet.. Ordinary Girl.
    Nat King Cole.. Mona Lisa.
    Queen..Im Going Slightly Mad.
    Christina Aguilera..Still Dirrty.
    Kelly Osbourn...Changes.
    Eurythmics...Sweet Dreams.
    Kylie Monogue..Cant Get You Out Of My Head.
    Christina Aguilera..Hurt.

    Please add yours....
  2. Rolling Stones- Paint it Black
  3. U2 - Staring at the Sun
  4. SOAD...........Ddevil
    Frank Sinatra....Summer Wind (My grandads favourite song, brings a tear)
    Steve Hillage....Motivation Radio
    Anastacia.....Left outside Alone
    Santana.......Put your lights on (In fact, any Santana)
    HMS Pinafore........When I was a lad (D'Oyle Carte Opera Co)

    loads more that I call favourite songs mate, these are but a sample of my varied tastes!
  5. oh,
    Don't forget the Ballad of Chasey Lain, by the Bloodhound Gang.
    Great Lyrics!!

  6. ooh ooh, and ANYTHING Foo Fighters !!

    (This thread is turning into a Lamri List isn't it ;) )
  7. moi adres! My grandad bought it for me when I was about 6 or 7. It still makes me cry now. Not like I've had me ipod nicked or owt. For those of you who have never heard it (and I guess its a lot of you) its here.

    Yes I know its a sh1t song, but it is a reminder of my childhood and I like it! :D

  8. SLAM-- pendulum
    how much is the fish?--scooter
    say it right--nelly furtado
    nah blood--mc eksman
    welcome to the jungle--guns and roses
    gangsta gangsta-- aphrodite remix
    pranging out--the streets
    hotel expressionism--the streets

    the list does go on
  9. kiss the rain- billie myers
    november rain- guns n roses
    anything by chemical romance!!
  10. The gunners dream Pink Floyd
  11. why am i not suprised Yozza? :D :D :D :D :D
  12. SPIRIT OF 76 by The Alarm.
  13. these are the days; van morrison
    ticket to heaven ; dire straights
    you'd better move on ; rolling stones
    tell me ; rolling stones
  14. Runrig... Loch Lomond (live version)
    Sensational Alex Harvey Band... Boston Tea Party
    Rolling Stones.... Paint it Black (I love the prog the yanks used it for as a theme tune)
    Thin Lizzie... Whiskey in the Jar
    Flower of Scotland as played at Murrayfield just before we get beat

    The theme from M*A*S*H ... Suicide is Painless
  15. Rolling Stones.... Paint it Black (I love the prog the yanks used it for as a theme tune)

    Tour Of Duty, if I remember rightly.
  16. correct moondog the only programme I have seen from the states that reflected vietnam as it was
  17. Black Velvet - Alannah Miles
    Played whilst a stripper was
    chasing me round the old
    RM Seaton Barracks on my
    wedding day....Mrs was not
    a happy bunny!

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