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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by jackler, Sep 29, 2014.

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  1. Let me tell you about my favorite hobby. I love to communicate with others and discuss on different topics moreover travel is my outdoor hobby. I love to go to different places for refresh myself in my vacations and free time. I think every person has his some favorite activity which he or she always love to do with his or her free time. Share your favorite hobby and interests with me. Do you have any hobby if yes then share it with me?
  2. Tormenting Maddie in my loft.
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  3. Servicing the wives & girlfriends of those who neglect them cos they are too busy gobbing off
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  4. Travel is your outdoor hobby Monty, sorry, jackler. I suppose it's a bit restrictive indoors.
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  5. Wives and girlfriends? We're not talking aspirations here.
  6. No Danny we are talking Rowner married patch late 70s:D
  7. Don't have any hobbies, unless you can count collecting famous peoples' phlegm as one.
    I've got almost 100 jam-jars full of celebrity spit.
    My favourite is a small test tube full of Winston Churchills hoik after a few cigars. THAT
    one cost me a fortune off Ebay. I was assured by the seller that it's genuine and I've no
    reason to disbelieve it.
    All helps towards my retirement when I'll flog the lot for a fortune.
  8. Does this mean that you have stopped collecting famous peoples jiz?:p
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  9. Jizzology didn't interest me. I get more satisfaction out of being a member of a small
    elite band of Phlegmologists. Jizzologists tend to be mostly female.....and then they only
    collect the stuff for their own personal use with a view to sueing the arse of some A-lister
    for child support after the DNA test comes back positive.
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  10. I used to have hobbies, Playing Rugby and Judo at a fair standard and any other sport but now that the age and injuries have court me up I suppose I am only left with Wanking, it suits my life style no real effort required always have the kit with you and over very quickly so no real drain on time.
  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thank you Yoda.

    I like to windmill into bus queues.
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  12. I work a 60 hour week so I haven't got much time for hobbies. Mostly my motorbikes (just bought another one) and sitting in the pub on Saturday afternoons watching the Prem. Rugby, slowly getting pissed on Stowfords cider.What other hobbies would a man need?
  13. Yep motorbikes does it for me...Now own a Triumph Sprint 1050St, Triumph Explorer and a Triumph Thunderbird Storm... There's a theme there eh ? Wanted a Kwak ZZR, but my OCD wouldn't cope with it in next to the others.!
  14. I'm spending my time, whilst the little one is at nursery, trying to get the "shed" sorted out. I say shed because it's 12 feet square and twice as large as th first mess square I ever slept in!! (Yes I had a mess square pit as a sprig). Trying to build an area for the little one to play and have a snooze whilst I do some on line work.
    It's taking a while as the little one is only at nursery 4 hours a day 3 times a week and I still have all the housework to do!!!
    Oh the joy of being a house husband!! God I love being a naval pensioner!
  15. Netball, coaching newbies to the sport is quite fun- being tall as well i have a height advantage which is always good (for me). Getting bargains on ebay, saw a playsuit in topshop for £45 last month that tempted me, got it new with tags on today for 99p hahaha loving life! I also like to drink cheap drinks and make rubbish decisions, oh and eating cheesy chips with garlic mayo.
  16. OK I'll bite ... whats a playsuit?????
  17. Bus stop wanker! :)
  18. Its nothing saucy haha, just kind of like a dress but the bottom half is not skirt like it is more a pair of shorts.
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm not an expert but I think it involves latex or rubber as the main material with lots of pockets for various "Toys" and of course a special place to keep your Degrees (see other thread) R3 XXX
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