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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by builderbambi, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. builderbambi

    builderbambi New member

    Right its about time the best pornstar (female) was voted for. The members on rr have a wealth of experience in this matter (if you say you dont your lying so dont bother) I belive the best pornstar should....

    1 Take it in every hole
    2 Have a clean shaven haven
    3 Look cute and innocent so when they do get ruined it makes for better viewing
    4 By no means should they try and act, they cant do just what you do best take cock, i hate those shite story lines.

    I am going to vote for bree olsen
  2. thereverend

    thereverend New member

    Sunset Thomas
  3. puditer

    puditer New member

    Saw the Thread title; should have known it was you that started it, really.
  4. builderbambi

    builderbambi New member

    What!!? i think the horny sluts should get some credit for there work.
  5. aljh

    aljh New member

    Madison Ivy
  6. puditer

    puditer New member

    Any that manages to mask their hideous Daddy Complex is fine with me. Also, plastic surgeons can work miracles these days - surely they could do something about the dead look behind their eyes?
  7. builderbambi

    builderbambi New member

    nah i like to see they hate it its beter that way
  8. builderbambi

    builderbambi New member

    Good call
  9. TattooDog

    TattooDog New member

    Cherry Jul.

    She ticks all the boxes for me.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    (Well, in my mind...) :oops: :twisted:
  11. thereverend

    thereverend New member

    Oh, slightly amateur too but still pretty well known, Heather Brooke. That girl can suck some cock I tell thee.
  12. BillyNoMates

    BillyNoMates War Hero

    Annette Haven (1001 Erotic Nights)

    Marilyn Chambers (Behind the Green Door)

    Traci Lords (Marathon Bukake Gargle-fest 1985)
  13. JonnoJonno

    JonnoJonno Banned

    Peasants. For a girl who will have you wanking yourself into a coma:

  14. Haggis_Catcher

    Haggis_Catcher War Hero

    Brooke Banner.
  15. lesbryan

    lesbryan War Hero

    Vickie Vette for me all the time :D :D
  16. montfish

    montfish New member

    Teen Kasia - if only she wasn't Polish

  17. aljh

    aljh New member

    Lexi Belle

  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    My vote goes to the horse in animal farm, closely followed by a very startled chicken.
  19. Streaky

    Streaky War Hero

    I always found Aunt Peg strangely attractive. She only became a pornstar in her late thirties.

    However, Nina Hartley does it for me.
  20. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

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