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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Six_and_a_Half, Mar 1, 2007.

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    I offer you the above as a friendly warning, since it has come to my attention that motorists, having refueled at the Tesco and Morrison petrol stations have experienced problems with the oxygen sensors in their cars, running up bills of up to one thousand pounds. Garages are being overwhelmed with cars arriving in broken down and are running out of spare parts!

    As can be expected, both supermarkets are denying that they are at fault, and Greenenergy, the petrol refiners who supply the fuel to the supermarkets are investigating the fuel and trying to locate the fault.

    I don't have any conclusive proof that the supermarkets are at fault, but to be on the safe side, I advise you all to purchase petrol elsewhere.

  2. Thanks for the warning. I filled mine up with super unleaded at Tescos in Yeovil yesterday morning. I have yet to notice any problems.
  3. Diesel is the future :lol:
  4. An 'expert' is advising those drivers who have not yet been affected by the alleged dodgy fuel (but not proven as being so by the same fuel providers) to take their cars to a garage to have their tanks emptied, and to refill with more fuel !

    The 'expert' is the Director of the Petrol Retailers Association - am I being cynical in that the fuel comes from members of this same association, and that trying to get refunded by these members(of this same association) may be a little on the difficult side ?

    Unless anyone has already been reimbursed ?

    :oops: Forgot the link:

  5. Just fed the horse funny I never have these problems since selling the horseless carriage. No tax no recovery charges.

    Plus plenty of manure for the allotment. Other half still has her tin box.
  6. on the news this morning at around 10 o'clock they had a live interview with a mercades owner. who had spent £1100 repairing his car. he announced on live tv in the morning how pissed off he was which was amusing.

    he was also holding 3 knackered parts one of which would have been impossable to break with contaminated fuel which made me laugh to. being a time served vehicle tech before i joined up i did wonder how the petrol managed to break a sensor which measures air flowin to the air box
  7. Just to bring you an update on what I heard on the radio, the contaminated fuel has been traced back to a depot in Essex. So it will still be best to avoid Tesco and Morrison's for a while! Unfortunately those who have suffered the problems associated with the petrol will have to register the complaint where they bought their petrol.

    Oh, and as a consequence, petrol will rise by 2p to cover the increased demand. ???

    Sorry if it seems that I'm spamming you all about this, but I feel that I would rather someone give me an update like this, rather than by chance I didn't catch the news until too late.
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think that's a reflection on the integrity of a lot of these dealer garages, they probably tried the air mass flow sensor first (because it's a piece of p*ss) realised it didn't fix the problem then went on to look at the other sensors (lambda sensor and temp sensor I assume) I have an Audi and I wouldn't dream of taking my car to the idiots who work at my local Audi dealer, I use a local self employed mechanic with a tiny garage, he has forgotten more about cars than I, or the idiots down the road, ever knew and only charges £35 an hour labour, nothing to diagnose! as opposed to Audi who charge £85 for every hour they work plus a few more!!!!
  9. well before i was one of those idiots that worked on audis and do own one myself.
    to be honest from my personal experense the air mass sensors are tempremental things and it was probably on its way out.
    its a sensor which degrades as it gets covered in crap coming in with the air.

    slag audi dealers all you want but we were voted the best in the country for service. and if i could afford it. i would take my car there (if i wasnt a mechanic of course).
  10. Nice to know that the price of petrol will go up to cover some greeno, tree hugging, supplier's f**k up.

    A £ to a pile of poo, dieso will go up to match it. Work that one out.

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