FAT's to AIB - the long wait!

Hey guys,

I was just wondering, once you pass your FAT's, how long can you expect to wait before you go to AIB? Just a rough figure will do; are we talking days, weeks or months?

Thank you in advance for any help.
I had a wait of about 6 months between my FATS and AIB, though 2 months or so of that wait can be attributed to delays in obtaining medical clearance.

Other people in my FATS group sat AIB much sooner; 3 weeks later and about 2 months later from memory.

Hope this helps.
everything is a wait...you wait for your forms, you wait for your PJFT, you wait for your AIB, you wait to find out whether you get selected...it seems to be a common theme when applying for the Navy. That and everyone seems to wait different lengths...

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