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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RoverDen, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Happy New Year to everyone - haven't been on for a while!

    Finally got my FAT dates through and although I know you can't really revise for them as such, I do want to brush up on my maths skills.
    I was wondering if anyone knew if there is maths involved beyond the basic addition,subtraction, multiplication and division i.e. are we going to need to know Pythagoras, simultaneous equations etc.?

    Thank you in advance, it will be much appreciated!

  2. As quoted before.

    You have 20 Mars bars (Aircrew Rations)

    You have 5 people on board, if you scoff 4 how many more can you hide in your pockets before they ask for one?

    Thats about it.

    If I get 18 hours sleep and 2 hours flying, how can I fit in 5 hours shopping round town in flying suit?
  3. Hi all,

    Long-time-reader, first-time-poster. This place is a gold mine so thanks for all the info.

    Back to topic, I've got my FATs the week after next and have been doing speed/distance/time questions by the bucket-load. I'm also doing brain training on a Nintendo DS and brushing up on some algebra too.

    I'd stick my neck out to say learning the ins and outs of quantum mechanics and Pythagoras may be a bit far, but it's better to be over than under-prepared, right?

    Also, get a book on Verbal Reasoning as there's a big section on that and something to do when you're on the bog is to start reading texts from a paper then summarise what you've just read. :x

    Best of luck,
  4. Pythagoras, probably not.

    What with those questions "if you travel 14 miles south, 10 miles west and 9 miles south west" or along those lines.
  5. Rover, there's a thread in Newbies titled "FAT's - Link & Tips" or something along those lines, will be on about page 7 by now, lots of good stuff that got me through FAT's about a month ago.

    My only advice, take the 5 minute breaks that they offer you, and get ready for 4 hours of the most boring tests you could ever do. Also, I took a Snickers bar in with me and scoffed some of it on my breaks, keeps your energy up a bit.
  6. When I said "probably not" I meant "probably not overpreparing".
  7. No; but when I was *cough* thinking of going for officer I was looking into them.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'll ignore the special one for five seconds, did RO77 pass? I'm taking his silence as it did'nt go well.
  9. You owe me a new keyboard, I just spat tea on the old one!
  10. What's a math?
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Tis the North American version of "Maths". While the UK has happily and successfully taught mathematics for many years, our colonial cousins in the US, and sadly Canada too, don't appear to be able to cope with more than one numerical concept at a time, hence they teach "math".
  12. That's a pity; the canuks are normally such sensible chaps.
  13. C20


    Though I'd hi-jack this thread to ask a related Q.

    Any one got any idea of the waiting time for a FAT date? Last step then I'm in, so hopefully not too long a wait.
  14. chemist2officer- I had my SIFT in november which i passed, then my application was all signed off and sent off end of November and I am still waiting to hear a FAT date...
  15. I had my RT, medical, interview and PJFT in late November and I'm sitting my FATs next week.

    However, I'm not applying for officer and my chosen route (AC) is a shortage branch.

  16. C20


    Thanks, Woodrow, I'm not applying as an officer anymore, I'm also going for AC so hopefully get a date about March then. Have you done much prep for the FATs?

    And thanks, CityBoy - could have sworn I replied to you earlier.. blasted t'internet :)
  17. I understand there's only so much you can prep for but I've been doing speed/distance/time sums until my eyes bleed. There's a *FATs - Useful Links* thread which has some good little games and great advice. All that with a good hour of Call of Duty before bed and I should be fine.

    My AFCO called me just before Christmas with a choice of dates, so as long as your references come back swiftly then you should hear soon.

    All the best,

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