FATS results.

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Currently serving on one of pussers great war canoes and have finally had my papers raised. Went along to cranwell for my FATS and passed for pilot ad atc but not for obs. Would the fact that i failed my observer tests hinder my chances at aib and selection as an aspiring pilot.

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Probably not, as you passed for pilot then you are just as entitled to go for it whether you passed obs or not. We were told if you score high enough for your chosen branch then thats you sorted. Its a competetive market for pilot though! Passing just gets your foot in the door. ATC is good to pass aswell.
I recently did my FATS at RAF Cranwell and passed for Observer and ATC but not for pilot. I was always going for observer from the moment I left the AFCO but the day after my FATS i got a letter saying 'you were unsuccessful and wouldnt be considered further for the aircrew branch'? although i passed? Could this letter be a mistake?
Until passing FATS anyone going for Aircrew is categorised as "Aircrew", not Pilot, Obs or ATC. Having passed FATS for all, some or one, your choice should then be taken forward. So passing for only Pilot should not hinder your progress as Pilot, as you have passed the aptitude for it.
The other issue at present is how many Pilots and Obs we need! Very few Pilots will enter BRNC over the coming months until things settle down following the demise of Harrier. Obs numbers are down slightly on pre-SDSR (Defence Review Oct 2010).
The level of pass at FATS could be the only other thing taken into consideration - a borderline pass will not get you to AIB if we are coming down with excellent scores, as the higher the score, the better the chance of passing flying training - this is what these tests are designed to find!

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