FATs results...

Sat them yeserday...

passed Air Traffic Controller and Observer... but just failed the pilot element... Exactly the situation I didnt want to end up in...

I can resit the tests in a year... and "statistically" I'll pass apparenlty, but "statstically" I could have passed yesterday. Most people failed the lot. and the guys who want to be observers.. failed as observers but passed the pilot areas!

I've been told its "quite unknown" for someone to enter as an observer and then change to pilot. It seems they're always looking for observers.
but personally, my heart isnt really with it.

I can resit in a year... but I'll be close to 25 and certainly wont be any sharper! was very well prepared yesterday - thanks to alot of you on here! - but at the end of the day you cant change your aptitude really.

anyone been in a similar situation?

any advice?

How long are these results valid for? (if i was to put things on hold for a few months)

I've yet to speak to my LO.


War Hero
First of all, well done for passing some of the elements- many don't get that far.

Commiserations on not getting as far as you would like & good luck for AIB, assuming you haven't taken it yet.

Once you sit back & think about it, hopefully you'll begin to appreciate that the alternative trades are pretty decent after all.

Good luck, whatever you choose.


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Hey Duffer, well done, and gutted for you about the pilot thing.

I think, (bearing in mind your age) you really need to seriously consider the Observer/ATC route, because lets say in a year you pass pilot, with a low score, you might still not get a place at BRNC. Or what if you wait and then fail again?

I would say talk to ACLO about your options, do some proper research into the Observer side of things, as your probably like me and didn't give it two thoughts.

Good luck with everything.

Results for FATs are valid forever i believe, ie if you pass once you don't have to do them again.

Best wishes
Yeh the age side of things was my concern. and as it still stands i might not pass AIB, all thats been revealed is that my "qualites" are more suited to the role of observer.

I had said to myself before hand, that I wasnt going to resit anything in a year.

Need to do some thinking!

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